1. Desert Toy Shop

    For Sale  60/ 62 series ARB FT AND REAR BUMPERS W SWINGOUT

    Hey we have a ARB BULL BAR AND REAR BUMPER W SWING OUT. USED! good shape also have a roof rack but no mounting hardware Located in Mesa, AZ. Contact Mike @ 4809693320 Desert Toy Shop for more details'
  2. JackAttack13

    Slee Swingout Info

    Does anyone happen to know any info regarding the spindle size / bearing sizes/ etc. for the Slee swingouts? Having a hard time getting any information regarding the spindle / bearing combo. Thanks!
  3. benc

    Dissent offroad aluminum 3rd swingout

    Hey guys, Wanted to gauge interest in a product I'm getting ready to realease. Hey guys, Many have seen my new aluminum ladder with 3rd swing out that's in development for the dissent rear bumper, I have had several ask me if it would be possible to adapt to other bumpers. If there is...
  4. Zhenya

    Wanted  60 Rear bumper with Swingout NorCal

    Cruiserheads, I am looking to move my spare out from underneath my rig and make accessible. I'm looking for a bumper with swing outs and maybe jerry can holder (think 4plus). I don't mind used things - so I figured I'd post. Im in norcal. Thanks! Zhenya
  5. G-Cat

    craigslist  80 Series Slee Dual Swingout Rear

    Not mine. Advertised for $500 in Atlanta CL: 91-97 land cruiser slee rear bumper Edit: Looks to be a scam.
  6. Mr45

    First review of the new MetalTech Red Eye II Swingout bumper.

    I was approached by Mark Hawley from MetalTech about doing a test and evaluation on their new swingout bumper for the FJ Cruiser, the Red Eye II. Through FaceTime I was given a tour of the shop, and a sneak peak of the new bumper as installed on Mark’s orange FJ. Because I had been...
  7. E

    For Sale  Slee dual swingout for 100/LX470

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Location: Ben Wheeler, TX Price: $2,200 Trades: Complete 80 series lift and cash 850J/863 W/L's or similar Hey guys. I have a Slee swingout from my 100 that I will be replacing with another stock bumper (Thanks Duggy!). My wife and I swapped her 97 LX for my 99 100 series...
  8. C

    Sept 2016 4x4 Labs bumper group buy

    Dec UPDATE: SEPT 2016 GROUP BUY IS CLOSED - PLEASE START A NEW THREAD FOR ANOTHER GROUP BUY. Here's the deal - this group buy closes in a few weeks. Online order here: 4X4LABS Update: I discovered the pricing is not showing correctly on some configurations. I let 4x4labs know & they are...
  9. acc1

    Wanted  Kaymar rear bumper

    Looking for a Kaymar rear bumper with swingout. I'm located in KY, willing to drive depending on circumstances. I have a very nice condition Warn 8274 I'm willing to trade toward this item. Thanks
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