1. B

    FZJ80 Narrow Skinny tires

    Right, so I think this is my first post, although I’ve consumed hours of posts, so here goes... I have a triple locked FZJ80, stock. I want to try tires I’ve never tried before (which is anything outside of a gentle all-terrain), and I have an itch for skinnies. 235/85r16 or 255/85r16 would be...
  2. Silicon 70

    For Sale  36x12.50 IROKs Super Swampers mounted on beadlocks - $1500

    I have a set of wheels and tires that I was going to use for a project, but plans have changed. The tires still have the nubs on them since they've never been used. The wheels are 15x7 with bead lock rings welded on. 3 of them kept outside for a couple of months and got rained on. A little dirty...
  3. csd1982

    SOLD  34x10.5 Swampers - 4 like new

    Barely used tires on Steele rims 15 x 8. Never off-roaded and barley used. They were on my fj40 but moved up to 37's and 17' rims Local pickup - Chicago area. Or I might drive an hour to meet. $730 for all 4
  4. G

    Are these used Super Swampers worth pursuing?

    I've been eyeing this nice Japanese truck with Super Swampers lately: Akihito Chano (@chabohouse62v) • Instagram photos and videos And these 285/75/16 tires popped up locally: 285/75/16 super swampers irok nd with rims and hub caps Wheels are cheap Jegs Baja 8 steelies that should be 16x8 with...
  5. C

    For Sale  Denver: (5) Interco TrXuS M/T Tires

    Well I'm finally making my move to 35" tires so out goes the 33's! I regeared last year so it's time to make my investment pay off. These have been awesome tires and a lot of fun. Super sticky and they were a blast at Cruise Moab the past two years. Size: 33x12.5R16 Miles on tires: 11,000...
  6. joekatana

    For Sale  5 beadlock wheels with 38" Swampers

    PRICE DROP 800$ !!!!!! I am selling my Mickey Thompson wheels with OMF beadlock rings and 38/15.5/15 Super Swamper tires.I have 5 of them in total but the fifth tire has some sidewall damage and needs to be repaired.I had these on my FJ40 crawler and they performed excellent,the 40 is gone and...
  7. cbmontgo

    Old style Super Swampers NLA?

    So I'm about to pull the trigger on tires for my FJ40 project and want to go back with 34 x 10.50 Super Swampers as I've had before. But, I see conflicting data on whether or not the old style is still available (without the sidewall tread). Does anyone know if they can be ordered old style...
  8. Rusty nail 67

    For Sale  Swampers 34x9.5x16

    I have 6 swampers, all of them are 75-90% , great tires I love them but I'm building the truck bigga so I'm looking for a set of q78s will make trade if you have a nice set remember I have 6 swampers wow 6 of them They are on 16 inch Toyota rims old school
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