starter solenoid

  1. Omoitsurugi

    2L-T Starter on last leg (1989 LJ73)

    So unfortunately my starter is going bad and I have to order a new one, probably the solenoid. Most days it will start fine, but on cold days when it takes that just little bit of an extra crank it will crank and then it sounds like the starter disengages from the flywheel and just spins freely...
  2. morganism

    Poll : No start, click. Or no start after first crank.

    Have been getting this every 3 weeks or so now, since weather changed. So lets get some background info for a real diagnostic flow. Questions first, reasons why next. Did the no-start happen at the start of summer/winter ? Do you leave the blower fan on then? Do you have all speeds on your...
  3. morganism

    Hard start, slow starter - SOLVED Ignitor/Coil grounding

    Just posted up a hard start thread, and got lots of the regular advice, check cables/grounds, fusible links, solenoid tests, ignition switch etc. But have noticed this typically happens when the first cold comes. Which made me wonder, how does the FJ60 know when the heater is on? 83 FJ60 4spd...

    94 delayed cranking. Starter, ignition switch, or other?

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced and solved this issue. This morning I tried to start my son's 94 and I turned the key several times and no click but the instrument panel lit up with each swing of the key. I tried with the shifter in Neutral and still no crank. I then held the key in...
  5. Judh8smud

    Starter Wiring: Where does the IGN START wire connect to the solenoid?

    I have an unfamiliarly new Starter Motor that looks a bit different than the old one and unfortunately does not have any labels on it that I can see. So my question is simply, Where does the IGN START wire connect to my specific starter solenoid? This wire.... Where does it connect to this...
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