1. T

    Wanted  Gx470 sport/KDSS

    Joined recently to research 100 series & GX470. Thanks to members for all the info. Wanted vehicle will see little Off Road action so GX470 sport (preferred) or optioned w/ KDSS for better on road handling. 150k or less, up-to date with maintenance/major services (primarily for set-it/forget-it...
  2. SilverSixty

    Wanted  2006-2009 4Runner Sport 4x4 NC

    Hello, Looking for a 4th gen 4runner 06-09 Sport 4x4 with low miles. I'm located in western NC and willing to drive to surrounding states for the right vehicle. Thanks!!
  3. Nokaiser

    Need to share! 2006 GX470 Sport

    Hi guys! I’m new to this forum and just wanted to share my excitement with all of you. I just purchase a 2006 GX470 Sport with KDSS and 113k miles in Los Angeles with all the service records done by a Lexus dealer from when it was new. A California car with absolutely no rust whatsoever and...
  4. FishTown

    "All-Electric Sport Utility Truck" - Bollinger Motors

    Feel free to move this if the admin doesn't think it should be here, but I'm curious to know what the 60 community thinks about this company that is coming out with the "first all-electric 4x4 sport utility vehicle." Bollinger Motors I'm not a big electric car guy, but this is super...
  5. dsw1020

    For Sale  18" TRD Sport wheels from Tundra

    I bought a set of 18" TRD 5 spoke 5x150 rims for a project on my LC but decided on rock warriors. They are all in decent condition. 3 still have old coopers on them that could be solid trail spares. Looking for about 250 OBO. Located in Boulder, CO For an example of what they can look like, For...
  6. SilverSixty

    Wanted  4th gen 4Runner Sport 4wd V6 CT

    Hello, I am in Ct and looking for a 4th generation 4runner with 4 wheel drive and V6 engine. I prefer the sport edition and have been looking for a 2005-2008 with lower miles aprox 100K. Willing to tavel or meet part way if you are far away . Let me know if you can help out ! Thanks!
  7. Cruiserhead05

    Corbeau Sport Seat - review and pics

    Over the years, I've always thought that the seats stood as one of the single greatest areas that could be improved in the 80, in terms of making it a more comfortable daily driver or long distance truck. This is not to say that it doesn't do these things well compared to similar platforms. In...
  8. K

    New to me 2008 GX470 Sport

    I've been lurking the GX/120 forums for a few weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger on 2008 GX470 Sport with 65K miles. I live in Colorado but flew to Atlanta to pick it up and drove home this week. The GX has a few blemishes on the outside that have been touched up, but the inside looks...
  9. zcruiser

    For Sale  2000 SR5 Sport, 195K, 4WD, Central NC, $7500

    Purchased in 2010 with 127K on the odometer. 195K now. At some point before I got it, the PO installed a new radiator. I installed a B&M trans cooler in series shortly after I brought it home. This has been a very reliable truck, well-maintained by me and the local Toyota dealership. -...
  10. tampacruiser95

    Builds  TC 95 GX Build Thread

    I took delivery this morning on my 2007 GX470 sport (I will add pics once I get it washed), bought it from Ohio, with a lengthy service history. I own an 80 series too, but the first cruiser family vehicle I ever drove was a 2007 Prado, which I had overseas in 2008. The vehicle was great - we...
  11. BrewTuna

    Gx460 Sport Design / No Nav

    Not affiliated. Thought this one was pretty cool. Sport Design w. No Nav. 2013 *LEXUS* *GX 460* *Premium* 4WD V8 Third Row Seats Leather SUV 13
  12. F

    craigslist  CRAIGSLIST find...2005 sport pkg no navi

    Located in the Bay Area California if anyone is looking... Not mine.
  13. N

    For Sale  2005 GX470 Sport w/ KDSS

    If you're looking for a GX470 this is the one to buy. I purchased this car for my wife from the original owner - a doctor in Paradise Valley who always had it serviced at the dealership. All services on time, with a thick folder of dealer receipts to prove it. This is the rare, top end Sport...
  14. Dan Higgins

    Thoughts/Advice/Wisdom on ARB NitroCharger Sport

    Now that I am lined up with Slee to have sliders installed, the next thing I'm looking at is a suspension upgrade. After talking with Amory at Slee I have decided to go with the ARB NitroCharger Sport. The BP-51s are simply more than I need and of course cost more. And, no, I most certainly...
  15. J

    For Sale  2007 Toyota 4Runner - Virginia

    2007 Toyota 4Runner Sport V6 Silver exterior/black gray interior Auto transmission All stock - No modifications Front and rear WeatherTech floor liners One owner purchased new 211,000 miles Highway miles Runs and drives great Great condition Non smoker No accidents Clean title in hand More pics...
  16. 0

    For Sale  100 Series - OME Nitrocharger Sport Shocks - All 4

    I am replacing the 4 OME Nitrocharger Sport Shocks on my 2005 100 Series Landcruiser with RadFlo's. There were new installed June of 2013. Total of 15K miles on them, all street use, no towing or heavy loads. These are 100 each new plus shipping. Looking for 225 for the set of 4 shipped to...
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