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  1. C

    Upgrading the Sound System

    Let’s start with the basics. I own a 1997 FJZ80 40th anniversary edition and looking into this for quite a while. I want to upgrade the whole sound system. I bought an alpine stereo as well as an amp bypass as I don’t think I really need a completely separate amp. I will be installing that...
  2. Preston Palmer

    2007 LX470 - No Audio

    No audio coming from any speaker on any audio mode. I checked the AMP fuse under the hood and each 10a fuse on drivers and passengers side that relate to the audio system. Disconnected the battery for 20 min and reconnected. Still no audio. Any idea where to look next?
  3. S

    Noise in dash after truck is turned iff

    Tonight I noticed a sound in the dash. Something like a cd spinning in the dash after I shut the car down. Ran about 8-10 secs then shuts down. I know our sound system has a hard drive. Could I be it spinning? It does it every time we crank the car and shut it down. New to me 2014
  4. american outlaw

    Fj80 sound system replacement recomendations

    Plain and simple post, I have no speakers in my 1996 fj80 (siblings blew them all). The head unit is still working just fine. What replacement speakers would you guys recommend? I am a stickler for sound quality so I think i will replace the sub, and probably add an amplifier. Is the stock head...
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