soft doors

  1. Mike Shull

    For Sale  Denver, CO: FJ40 Bestop with Doors

    I will have more parts listed soon. Please, local pick up only. I am not in a hurry to sell so I would gladly hold it for a week if you were planning on driving in from out of state.
  2. mrjordann

    eBay  OEM FJ40 Soft Doors

    Factory soft doors, I assume they fit any 40-series. here is a link to the ebay post
  3. alohamade

    For Sale  FJ40 SOR Grey Vinyl Half Doors

    These doors are in decent shape, I was hoping to get $220 + the ride from Hawaii, I don't think the shipping should be much. But due to the size I would expect at least $40. Send me a PM with your ZIP and I can calculate shipping.
  4. jralph125

    Full Soft Doors for Factory Soft Top

    Hello all, Question, I have a factory soft top on my 79 FJ40. I want to run a full soft door set that fits with the OEM soft top setup. I have a set of Best Top half doors that work fine but the Best Top full doors I have don't fit right at the top due to how the factory bow section curves...
  5. mrjordann

    Wanted  FJ40 Kayline Soft Doors

    Hey, I am looking for a pair of soft doors for my 73 FJ40. Specifically the Kayline brand, the ones with two windows on each door. I want those specifically because I know that many doors don't fit with the factory hard top. I will obviously pay shipping. (I am on west coast US.) Please reply...
  6. mrjordann

    Soft door options with a factory hardtop

    Hi guys. I know it's strange, but I'm looking for full-size soft doors to fit with my factory hard top. Do any of you know which doors I can get? I tried Bestop's 2-piece soft door, but they don't fit with the hard top. They are made for the Bestop Supertop. What options do I have? I know some...
  7. A

    Wanted  FST Door Top Bows

    Have a '71 FJ40 factory soft top (FST) with original top bows EXCEPT I am missing the pieces that form the top of the door frames. These "door top bows" connect the top of the B-pillar posts to the top corners of the windshield. I'm looking for original pieces. Real Steel Cruisers makes nice...
  8. fordyota

    SOLD  New FJ40 Bestop Top and Doors

    Got these in May, decided to go with a hardtop. They have not even been in the rain yet. Like new condition. Has all parts and hardware to install. Doors have removable uppers. $400 for soft top $200 for doors or $500 for both Buyer pays shipping from Seattle, WA.
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