smog air pump

  1. sigorama

    For Sale FJ62 Emissions Equipment

    I recently pulled a motor on a running and driving 88 Toyota LandCruiser FJ-62. The emissions equipment is in good condition. $500 for everything you see in the photos. If there is something else you see that you need that is missing, let me know and I can see if I have it, also. You can see...
  2. Not A CJ

    For Sale 1978 FJ40 - Lower SMOG Pump Bracket

    1978 FJ40 - Lower SMOG Pump Bracket $30 free shipping Cleaning up the garage and making room for the next project.
  3. bkfj40

    For Sale 83 2f smog parts

    Just pulled this off an 83 2F that I’m putting in my fj45. The smog pump is free turning Includes air rail, egr, and all the stuff in the picture. $75 plus shipping. I’m in Virginia.
  4. Prestonagray

    For Sale More 1987 parts-utah

    truck had 175k. All parts are assumed to be original. Power steering pump with res- $50 Misc smog lines and some valves still available- let me know what you need and we will work it out. Intake cover- $20 Intake and exhaust manifolds- $60 each Oil cooler- $50 2f short block - $100 4 speed...
  5. Tighe

    Leaking power steering pump- can I leave it empty?

    I'm on my second FJ60, have had it about 6 months and have enjoyed restoring it every bit as much as my first one. My first one left me stranded on the highway literally 45 minutes after I bought it with a seized smog air pump, and with little choice in the matter I had it towed and had the...
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