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  1. TheGateKeeper

    SOLD  Los Angeles: ProSpeed rack for Series 100 & LX 470 - brand new unassembled - $700

    Hi all, I am selling my brand new ProSpeed rack I purchased for my series 100. I just purchased this in the last month but I was forced to sell my rig after my wife lost her job before I had a chance to assemble and install it. My rack has the full fairing, not the fairing with the light bar...
  2. B

    For Sale  SoCal: LX470 Rock Light Brackets Owl Expedition

    Four used Owl Expedition LED rock light brackets. Laser cut stainless steel. Designed to be installed on LX470. I will include the wiring harness that came with the DIY kit, although there is some damage to the wiring where the wire taps were installed. You may want to rewire the harness and use...
  3. HellenicCruiser

    1998 Series 100 Lexus - over 350k Miles

    Hi all, first post here. Was turned on to this forum by a guy I met on a flight today. Super excited to start learning from you all. I’ve got a 1998 Series 100 LX470. She’s pearl white and all stock with the exception of a pioneer Navi/screen and oversized Yokohama geolandar’s. Biggest claim to...
  4. Safariguy

    Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Help

    Hi all, I am planning on replacing the rear wheel bearings on my 1998 Lx470 with 240k miles. Does anyone have a link to a service manual or write up anywhere? I have yet to come across a good video or guide on how to do this. I also need to know if I have all the bearings, parts, and seals I...
  5. Accessmark

    Fixing rust bubble on top of windshield $1500!

    2000 Series 100 LC. Denver, Colorado. 180k I need some advice. I have a small rust bubble, about the size of a dime at the moment, at the top center of the windshield where it meets the windshield gasket. The last time the windshield was replaced the Safelite guy sanded and painted a small...
  6. Jeff Sage

    For Sale  1998 Toyota Land Cruise series 100 expedition ready

    1998 Expedition Toyota Land Cruiser Currently has 182,000 List of Upgrades: ARB Front Bumper BIO Rock Sliders ARB Old Man Emu Suspension System - 4" total lift Rear Locking Diferencial BIO Rear Tire Carrier Rear Storage Drawers Back Up Camera DVD/CD player Hands free cell TRD Over-sized Rims...
  7. R

    Wanted  Series 100 Hitch

    If anyone has one lying around i'm interested. Local to Ventura, CA preferred or if willing to ship.

    Trade  Are stock Series 100 running boards worth anything? (Denton, TX)

    I took them off my 2001 Crusher and was going to toss them but wondered if anyone could use them as I have no use for them....I'd take a 12 pack of Shiner Bock or a pint of Jack Daniels for them. I'm located in Denton, TX.

    ABQIRONPIG'S Solution to finding Series 100 wheels and tires!

    After replacing my 20" ghetto wheels, I searched tirelessly for stock, 16" 100 Series wheels....shipping and price was always ridiculous from folks who had them for sale in the classifieds/Craigslist, etc... My solution was Hubcap Haven, $600 shipped for "LIKE NEW" refurbished...
  10. K

    Rebuilding 2UZFE Series 100 Landcruiser Motor

    Hey Guys, I have a 1999 Landcruiser with 250k miles. Pulled the motor myself, and is currently at a machine shop being rebuilt. (Engine blew from being overheated due to a failed coolant T in the desert). 2 questions: 1) Any non-obvious recommendations about replacing parts while I have it...
  11. toyotanorthny

    Wanted  series 100 seat leather skins any shape

    need series 100 seat leather skins complete for templates. one or complete set. thanks for reading.
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