1. J

    GM temp sensor to F block bushing adapter

    Hello all, I have a 2 barrel FiTech EFI system to install; it uses a GM type temperature sensor. I am desmogged and would like to use one of the two temperature sensor ports in the block. I have an OEM temp sensor bushing that I’m considering retapping the threads to fit the GM sensor but am...
  2. TNOverlander

    Oil Pressure Gauge FIX

    Well, like many on here, I’ve experienced the dead oil pressure gauge in the dash of my 80. While most would probably say, “replace the gauge and move on”, I am really cheap, and felt like taking the dash apart… To give you a little background. My gauge worked when I purchased my 80, and...
  3. BakerFJ

    1FZFE Oil Level Sensor Block Off

    I've been toying with this idea in my head for a while now, I know that there are businesses that produce oil level sensor block off plates for the USDM 3SGTE (for those who don't know, it's the engine from the MR2, JDM doesn't have an oil level sensor). I've seen this block-off plate from...
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