semi float

  1. Josey1972

    1992 Semi Float Axle

    I'm not able to get to the answer I'm looking for. If someone could either direct me to a thread with the answers or offer suggestions I would appreciate it. After reviewing videos of the FJ Summit and the trails that were run I'm asking myself these questions: 1. My 1992 with rear drums (semi...
  2. Bripars40

    For Sale [AR] 70 Series Rear Axle Semi Float E Brake

    I have a spare 70 series complete rear axle. It has drum brakes, E brake with associated cable, and it's a semi floater. The spring perches have been removed and a set of RUFFSTUFF perches will be included with the sale. This would make a great upgrade for a 40 series wanting to have an axle...
  3. JSparks

    Diff help? full floater swap specifics from the gurus.

    Hi there, i have searched and not managed to find the specific info i am after. i have a Japanese import 1984 BJ60 with a semi float rear end that i just got fully rebuilt after the spider gears ate themselves a few weeks ago,(that leaking pinion seal is a warning sign FYI) i also got a lock...
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