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  1. NCC1701D

    Second Row Seat Rattle

    Coming up to one month ownership of my 2017 LC200. Loving it so far, but one thing is really annoying. The constant rattle coming from the second row seats when unoccupied!! Driving me nuts! :bang: I find it crazy that my lifted 2013 FJ on MT's is quieter than my 2017 LC. I've isolated the...
  2. aaronrules

    Second row harness/booster seat

    I've searched here and probably the rest of the internet. I am wondering what car seats you guys are using for the older kids (5 and beyond) in the second row? Right now I have a Britax harness seat. It is installed behind my drivers seat and it is not leaving very much room from the back of my...
  3. 0

    For Sale 100 series Land Cruiser Second Row Seats (Oak). Los Angeles, Ca

    I have a set of second row seats from a 1998 LC100 with 240k+ miles. They are the beige/tan (Oak) color. My nine year old son cleaned them up and took some pictures of them for your viewing pleasure. If you are a mud member, you can pick them up in LA for $100. I will be putting up ads on...
  4. jstigler

    Child seats in an 80 (seat belt info)

    So I searched and it seems that my 93 is the last year that the second row doesn't have the ratchet feature once the belt is fully pulled. Can someone confirm that any model 94 and up will have ratcheting belts in the 2nd row. If so can you install 94+ 2nd row belts on a 91-93 model. Do the...
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