1. J

    For Sale  Bellingham, WA - SCS Ray 10

    x4 Ray 10 17x9 3.5" BS 6x139 2 mounted to the front just to check the fit but never driven. 0 km on the rims. Brand new 275/85R17 Cooper Discoverer A/WT with 0 km on them. $2000 obo or trade for SCS F5. Local sale only. Location: Bellingham, Wa (I live in Vancouver, Canada but I can...
  2. aryanalp

    2009 LX570 - Wheel & Tyre Upgrade?

    Greetings to the good people of iH8mud. I have been lurking here and reading your posts prior to making the purchase of my LX570, and only today I have decided to officially register on this forum. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your endless contribution to this forum. It has...
  3. starclassic

    What's the latest on SCS wheels for the 100 series?

    Have always loved the Stealth Custom Series F5 wheels, hoping to sell my Rock Warriors (egad!) and get a set of F5s. Searched around the forum, but the last thread on this was from 2014. There was talk of SCS doing a 17" 5-pattern wheel for the 100 series. An 18 would be interesting as well...
  4. ikarus

    5x150 SCS F5 Wheels 16x8

    I was super happy to see that @SCSPerformance made these in 5x150 as the market was lacking in wheels options I liked for 100s. I could only find a few pictures on the forum, so I thought I'd add these if that would help anyone. I wanted to stay with 16s or 17s for bigger sidewall, so it came...
  5. Iceaxe

    Methanol Injection: What Are The True Performance Gains?

    For those of you who have methanol injection installed, have any of you noticed a true noticeable difference in hp / torque gains? On the net, there are claims from Snow Performance along these lines. And then you'll find YouTube videos of guys running it on dyno and finding only 2 hp of...
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