roof cap

  1. twicecookedpork

    Wanted Rear Passenger Cap for Roof Rack 2001 FJ100

    Hi, I'm looking for the black plastic roof rack cap on the rear passenger side. Thanks, please let me know if any questions.
  2. Splangy

    Wanted 1958-1965 Hardtop Fiberglass Roof Cap

    Looking for a 1958-1965 25 or 40 series fiberglass roof cap. Willing to ship. Thanks
  3. G

    For Sale 200 series factory rack& x bars. Oregon

    Factory roof rack rails, cross bars and end caps. Off of a 2014 L.C. I do NOT have mounting bolts. Willing to ship ups ground. $250.00 plus shipping. Thanks [/URL][/IMG] [/URL]
  4. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale SOLD FJ40 Roof Cap w/ door & windshield headers 1976 (PA)

    1976 Roof cap complete with door headers and windshield header. The rain gutter is better than a lot that I've seen, but has one bad corner for sure that you'd want to repair with new metal. Definitely needs a good cleaning and new paint. Not interested in shipping (not sure how you would...
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