rock warrior wheels

  1. Land949Cruiser

    For Sale  Rock Warrior Wheels with BFG KO2s Socal

    Rock Warrior TRD Wheels Wheels in excellent condition BFG K02s at 50-60% tread even wear. 285/70/17 $2200
  2. GMSilk_Fj60

    Information on how to bore out Rock Warriors

    Greetings all, I hate wheel spacers. There I said it. They came on my truck when I got my FJ100 that came with 17” TRD Rock warriors. I took off the rear spacers ASAP. Now to do the front correctly. From other postings I see the front wheels (I’ll probably do all 4) need the 95mm lip bored out...
  3. M

    SOLD  Jackson, MS - 4 Rock Warrior Wheels

    4 used Rock Warriors. I would say they are a 3.5-4 out 5 condition wise. I bought locally off Facebook marketplace, but found some new BBS TRD wheels and tires, so I no longer need these. Asking Price is $800
  4. DasKeyserSoze

    SOLD  Mead, OK: Set of 5 RockWarriors (PowderCoated Black) with TPMS, Lugs, Center Caps, and 33" Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Getting new wheels/tires while passing through Mead, OK (coming from San Diego, CA), so ideal for PickUp in Mead, OK. Tires have about 10k miles on very good condition; ~90% tread. Asking $1800
  5. lifeofreilly

    TRD 17" RW Wheels on a 2018 200 series?

    Hi, I see that these wheels are quite popular since they are forged and hub centric. Can someone confirm that PTR45-34120 will indeed fit on a 2018 US based 200 series. It sounds like brake rotors on the recent models may be a bit larger and wanted to ensure that is not a problem as all of the...
  6. DPA200

    SOLD  Phoenix AZ - 2 Single 17" TRD Forged Rock Warrior wheels - 5x150

    I have 2 extra 17" Rock Warriors for sale. Local or ship. Part number PTR45-34120 17x8 Wheel #1 $225 + shipping This wheel is in good shape, but i scratched rock ring up pretty good when i was trying to get the tire off at home. Probably could be buffed out, it was in perfect shape before i...
  7. Esq4x4

    SOLD  Utah- Rock Warrior (RW) 6 lug TRD rim.

    Debating wether or not to purchase 4 TRD RW rims...I only need 1. Does any other member need 1 for a spare? These are hard to come buy in the 6 lug. If I have 3 serious buyers I’ll purchase them before they are gone. Current owner will not part with just 1.
  8. vmi01sbc02

    SOLD  (NoVA/DC/MD/WV area)Yet another set of Rock Warrior wheels/tires

    Hi guys, Selling my Rock Warriors. Need new tires and was going to get all seasons vs KO2s. The RW wheel “deserves” an aggressive tire, and I don’t want to “offend” the mud community, LOL! The wheels are good/very good condition. Only one wheel has a small rash other three are in good shape. I...
  9. BigBlueTLC

    For Sale  Rock Warrior Rims (3)

    *located in Davidson, NC* Selling 3 rock warrior rims. I already have a set of 4 but needed a spare. They currently have KO2s mounted with minimal tread left. Pictures will be posted shortly. All in good shape, slight wear. Asking $275/rim. Local pickup preferred.
  10. smakee

    For Sale  SOLD

    I have a set of four Rock Warrior wheels for sale that I was going to use two of for a trailer plan that never materialized. They are in nice shape, and lugs and center caps are included. $1000 is what I bought them for, and that’s what I’m willing to sell them for. Preference would be to sell...
  11. A10Driver

    Builds  Frog's "Wife's" 200 Build

    My wife is awesome and therefore needs an awesome ride. I grew up in South Africa and the only vehicle that was tough enough to be called "Africa Proof" was the land cruiser. I have always been a fan and even better my wife is a huge fan as well. We were finally financially able to purchase a...
  12. seajeff

    Introduction and some fun in the garage

    Greetings- I have been having some fun in the garage and wanted to share some of my first projects on my 2016 Land Cruiser. I’ve been taking it slow but last month had the opportunity and pleasure to spend a week in the Canyonlands with my family and some friends. The truck did great but of...
  13. LouisianaRubicon

    Wanted  Rock warrior wheels Kansas City/ Dallas/ Louisiana

    Looking for a set of 5 but would take a set of 4. Will also take a set with tires (depending on the tire). I'm willing to pay for shipping but not with tires.
  14. ProBoy

    TRD 17' Rock warrior forged wheels

    Hello Friends, I have being trying to make a purchase on the TRD rock warrior wheels for my 2018 LC200, does anyone knows a good vendor or store sells it? Thank you
  15. DPA200

    Rock Warrior lug and tool question

    I put 17" Rock warriors on my 200 a while back. Recently i realized i don't have a tool to remove these lugs as the stock tool on on the LC isn't long enough to fit over the smooth center part. The CR guy that i bought the rock warriors off had them on a Tundra and he gave me these generic lugs...
  16. dsw1020

    SOLD  Seven TRD Rock Warrior Rims for sale

    I have 7 rock warrior rims left over from a set I purchased to acquire a spare and a set I took off my truck. Tires have been removed and all rims are packaged up in boxes. Looking for 250 a piece or best offer plus shipping. Located in Cleveland, OH. Current shipping prices look to be between...
  17. UZJ100 FOR SALE


  18. Ali M

    Where to buy RW TRD center caps?

    I found them on Ebay for $69 Set Of 4 New OEM TRD Embossed Center Cap 4Runner Tundra 17" Off Road Wheel | eBay Ones I found in Amazon are plastic and they dent easily according to the reviews. Any...
  19. K

    Please help a clueless guy pick out tires and spacers...

    I have never bought custom wheels and tires. I am in the process of buying TRD Rock Warrior wheels 17" for my bone stock Gold 2001 LX 470 with AHC. So I wanted to see what your opinion was on which tires, spacers and etc. to buy? I don't plan on lifting it anytime soon and I don't want...
  20. K

    5 Rock Warrior Wheels

    I have been trying to buy 5 Rock Warrior Wheels for my stock 2001 LX 470. The seller is willing to ship and he says they came stock on his truck and he took them off after his first 25,000 miles. They come with the Stainless Rings, Caps and TPMS. 1.) Does anyone know of the part number to...
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