rear shocks

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    XREAS- How much of a leak from the rear shocks is too much?

    Rear shocks need to be replaced...they look wet, not too bad, but they've been that way for awhile. Truck feels like it has no shocks now, front to back. Tech says just to replace rears, but this sounds like a big no no if the XREAS system has lost too much fluid. Probably original 2004 shocks...
  2. jcrandall

    Dumb shock question

    No luck on searching, here or on the rest of the interwebs. How many washers and bushings go on the top of traditional shocks? For this purpose I'm pretty sure OME and OEM are the same. The other question is are all four corners the same? From the top, 1. Upper Nut 2. Flat Washer 3...
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