rear doors

  1. theamigo

    Wanted  FJ40 Hard Top & Rear Door(s)

    I'm looking for a hard top and doors that can be restored along with the rest of my 1981 FJ40. As long as they're "good enough" I'll bite for the right price. Color doesn't matter. Best value matters! I've read that 71-84 sides are interchangeable, so... we'll see. Thanks all.
  2. mccurdyp

    Rear hatch door warning light

    HI all. I'm a newby on this website, which I found after trying to discover a solution to fixing the door warning light on my 2001 diesel Land Cruiser, which I'm driving down here in Honduras. The truck is 'rugged' to say the least, perfect for the conditions where we live - near the beach and...
  3. J

    FJ60 rear door chrome trim Removal help!!!!

    hey guys, I've been trying to read up on how to remove the thin chrome trim around the edge of the rear windows but really don't have anything specific except that the 1/4 window at the back the chrome is functional and holds the rubber in i really don't want that chrome on there , so if i cant...
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