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  1. masonhayman1017

    Bump it off road HC bumper?

    Hey boys I’m looking at this BIOR high clearance rear bumper. I haven’t seen any pictures other than the few on their site. Anyone have pics of this bumper? Specifically the HC one NOT the regular one. Any help would be appreciated ! Custom High Clearance Bumper For Toyota Land Cruiser -...
  2. HighMileageCruiser

    SOLD  San Diego, Kaymar 100 Series Land Cruiser Bumper with tire and fuel can carriers

    I'm selling my 4 month old Kaymar rear bumper that I purchased for my 2000 100 Series Land Cruiser. It has the tire carrier, dual fuel/water can carrier and the extending flood light that is attached to the tire swing (tire and fuel/water cans not included). The light and license plate...
  3. Gerbs60

    Are these things really called are bumperettes? Are they installed correctly?

    New FJ40 owner and just received the rear bumper(s) from I placed the "LH Bumper" on the left and the "RH Bumper" on the right. Why do I see so many of the rear bumpers mounted on the opposite side? Many of the FJ40 restorations appear backwards too. Am I wrong? hint: look...
  4. jesus888

    Wanted  GA: 1995 FJZ80 OEM Front (and rear) Bumper

    I just picked up a 1995 TLC and it’s got some bumps and bruises... I’m looking for: - Front bumper: the center section and driver side extension - Rear bumper: driver side extension (is that even a separate piece??) Pictures because they tell the story better than me and y’all are smarter than...
  5. atnolan94

    SOLD  DALLAS, TX: Dobinsons 100 Series Dual Swingout Rear Bumper LOCAL PICKUP

    I am listing my Dobinson's rear bumper for sale. It is about 2 years old. I have used this bumper and it is extremely stout, check out my build thread linked below and my Instagram @atnolan94 to see everywhere I have gone with this thing. I am going a different route and am going to sell this...
  6. FJRanger

    Rear Frame Rust

    Well, the 4x4 Lab rear bumper has been on for a bit over a decade. It was put on by the previous owner and the time has come to show it some some love in the form of rust repair and new powdercoat. After getting the bumper off the 80's frame also needs some rust repair, especially the passenger...
  7. C

    SOLD  Redmond, WA - 80 series Dobinsons rear bumper, NEW, still in shipping wrap.

    Price: $1830 - updated / corrected for the initially considered price; As title says, for sale 80 series Dobinsons rear bumper with dual swings - tire carrier and dual jerry cans...
  8. billiam

    SOLD  Seattle: 1988 FJ62 Rear Bumper

    Selling rear bumper from my 1988 FJ62. Bumper is in good condition, no dents or major scratches, no rust visible externally. Has minor scratches, nothing major. Includes both black plastic end caps in good condition. Asking $250 OBO Shipping from 98105 via USPS, UPS or Fedex - 12x12x72...
  9. Coyomog

    For Sale  Clover, SC - 1991 HDJ81 exhaust, trailer hitch, rear bumper assembly

    I have the following 80 Series Land Cruiser parts for sale. They were either bought for, or removed from, my 1991 HDJ81 Land Cruiser VX. * Complete steering wheel assembly with back cover and center cover with air bag. It is in good shape and can be used as is, but comes with a stitch-on cover...
  10. LCHardriver_02

    Installing Factory Tire Carrier with Slee Rear Bumper

    So, the 2018 LC we picked up this summer did not include the factory tire carrier. It was deleted when the original owner replaced the rear bumper with a Slee rear with swing outs. For several reasons... wife's primary vehicle, towing, etc. I am thinking of adding the factory tire carrier...
  11. New two this

    Rear bumper and sliding glass

    I just bought a 92 land cruiser! It came with some defects like the sun roof is completely cracked and I am wondering where I could possibly get a factory new one it does slide and work which is nice. The second part is I found a rear 5th wheel bumper kit for a GX470 would that fit for my land...
  12. tampacruiser95

    Anyone run an ASFIR rear bumper for 200 series?

    It looks like the type of straight forward, clean look that I like. But I can't find much information or feedback on it.
  13. popstar

    Wanted  Slee 80 rear bumper with ladder and tire carrier AZ, CA, NM, UT, CO

    Wanted: used Slee rear bumper for the 80 Series, complete with swing-outs and mounting hardware. PM me with details. I am looking for the style like in the picture Thank you
  14. tg-2019-03-10 14.01.10.jpg

    tg-2019-03-10 14.01.10.jpg

    Trail Gear Rock Defense Rear Bumper 80 series LX450
  15. S

    Rear bumper options for 2016+

    Mike from Dobinsons says their bumper fits up to 2015. ARB modular bumper #5615010 also claims fitment only up to 2015. Looks like some have notched the bumper to fit 2016+.
  16. Idaho Savage

    4x4 Labs Rear 60 Bumper Install How-To with Photos

    Hi All, Well I'm happy to finally be able to contribute something to the 60 forum. As some of you know, I was lucky enough to purchase my 62 from a fellow Mudder and it's been great. Shortly after purchasing the truck, I contacted Luke at 4x4 Labs and changed my order from a 100 series rear...
  17. peggyfzj80

    SOLD  97 Land Cruiser Rear Bumper with Mud Flaps (CO, USA)

    The bumper and flaps are, both, in great condition. There are a few, minor, scratches on the bumper, but no dents or dings. The shape is perfect. The flaps are perfect. $150 plus shipping for the bumper and flaps together. $100 plus shipping for the just bumper, no flaps. $50 plus shipping...
  18. 8

    Wanted  60 Series Tire Carrier Rear Bumper

    I'm looking for a rear bumper with a swing-out tire carrier that fits an FJ60 (1984).
  19. Blue4R


  20. pvhobo

    For Sale  Sold sold sold

    The bumper is SOLD Very nice Custom built Rear bumper with swing outs for a fj80 Passenger side spare with pressurized shock power Drivers side gas can /carrier swing out with pressurized shock power Quarter panel protection winch ready... spare tire not included I also have a custom front...
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