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  1. tampacruiser95

    Anyone run an ASFIR rear bumper for 200 series?

    It looks like the type of straight forward, clean look that I like. But I can't find much information or feedback on it.
  2. popstar

    Wanted  Slee 80 rear bumper with ladder and tire carrier AZ, CA, NM, UT, CO

    Wanted: used Slee rear bumper for the 80 Series, complete with swing-outs and mounting hardware. PM me with details. I am looking for the style like in the picture Thank you
  3. tg-2019-03-10 14.01.10.jpg

    tg-2019-03-10 14.01.10.jpg

    Trail Gear Rock Defense Rear Bumper 80 series LX450
  4. S

    Rear bumper options for 2016+

    Mike from Dobinsons says their bumper fits up to 2015. ARB modular bumper #5615010 also claims fitment only up to 2015. Looks like some have notched the bumper to fit 2016+.
  5. Idaho Savage

    4x4 Labs Rear 60 Bumper Install How-To with Photos

    Hi All, Well I'm happy to finally be able to contribute something to the 60 forum. As some of you know, I was lucky enough to purchase my 62 from a fellow Mudder and it's been great. Shortly after purchasing the truck, I contacted Luke at 4x4 Labs and changed my order from a 100 series rear...
  6. peggyfzj80

    SOLD  97 Land Cruiser Rear Bumper with Mud Flaps (CO, USA)

    The bumper and flaps are, both, in great condition. There are a few, minor, scratches on the bumper, but no dents or dings. The shape is perfect. The flaps are perfect. $150 plus shipping for the bumper and flaps together. $100 plus shipping for the just bumper, no flaps. $50 plus shipping...
  7. 8

    Wanted  60 Series Tire Carrier Rear Bumper

    I'm looking for a rear bumper with a swing-out tire carrier that fits an FJ60 (1984).
  8. Blue4R


  9. pvhobo

    For Sale  Sold sold sold

    The bumper is SOLD Very nice Custom built Rear bumper with swing outs for a fj80 Passenger side spare with pressurized shock power Drivers side gas can /carrier swing out with pressurized shock power Quarter panel protection winch ready... spare tire not included I also have a custom front...
  10. D

    SOLD  80-series rear cross-member bumper in SoCal

    $100, no shipping. Pick up or possible delivery around San Diego / LA. Fj80, fjz80 rear stock OEM bumper (frame crossmember.) Some surface rust. Complete, welds were ground off.
  11. krice118

    100 series armor and suspension Outline

    I thought this could help the new 100 series owners who are new to the scene. Slee Blueberry Front and Rear - Sliders Slee - Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser Front Bumper Slee - Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser Rear Bumper Dissent Front and Rear 100% made in the USA! Dissent offroad aluminum...
  12. J

    For Sale  96 FJ80 rear bumper plastic parts / stock roof rack

    I have gray plastic parts off a rear bumper and oem stock roof rack - make me an offer so I don't trash them. I also possibly have a full set of fender flares (i have decided on flare or flareless yet but i knocked one off in the rear to see because it was causing rot on the rear quarter -...

    Wanted  FJ60 Kaymar rear Bumper or Similar

    Hi guys, I am looking for a tire & gas carrier rear bumper Kaymar or Dobinsons for my FJ60. I am locate it in Miami but I could drive, use Fastenal or UPS if need it. Thanks
  14. Mr Tibbs

    For Sale  JDM take offs, I WANT THEM GONE!

    I have a bunch of stock take off pieces that I have removed from my JDM HJ61 that I want gone. They are sitting in my basement taking up space and I'm done with them! Lol The tipping point was when I tried to dig out the Xmas stuff today and they were in the damn way, again. Nothing to...
  15. newtomelx

    Bowfin Cruisers roof rack and more..

    I have had a busy few weeks...I have been sitting on some items and decided to get off my ass and get to work when UPS dropped off my new Bowfin Cruisers rack. I have to first give props to Patrick for a well thought out and made roof rack. It came well protected in its shipping package along...
  16. Borrego Bar

    Bolt-On 80 Rear Bumper Build

    Thread to post photos of my LX450 Rear Bumper build. The design is evolving as the project progresses.

    Wanted  KAYMAR rear bumper FJ60

    Hi Everyone. I am looking for a Kaymar or similar rear bumper with tire carrier and gas too Thanks

    Wanted  Kaymar Tire carrier rear bumper

    HI Everyone. This time I am in looking for a Rear Tire Carrier. Kaymar will be the best option for me but anything will be well receive. Thanks
  19. KUpchu9702

    100 series rear bumper rated for towing?

    I am looking for an off-road rear bumper that can tow up to the 100's towing capacity of 6500 lbs. I presently have a Slee rear bumper with swingouts. It has a receiver on it, but Slee does not rate it, therefore no idea of what it is capable of towing. Does anyone know of anything available to...
  20. HitTheDirt

    For Sale  Old ARB rear bumper for FJ60 / FJ62

    I have the old ARB rear bumper but it does not fit my 86 FJ60. I found this out after drilling out the 6 rivets on the outer brackets and trying to fit the ARB on, and realizing the frame cross member sticks out 4" too far. Apparently the FJ62 frame has a crossmember that sits in further and...
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