power seats

  1. Comochris

    Seat adjustment for 96 80

    I have the infamous broken seat gears. There has got to be a fix in this forum somewhere. Can I get a little direction for a nubie?
  2. RyanTomorrow

    Swap front seat motors?

    Hey gang: So I spent a chunk of NYE swapping out a stripped DS power seat gear for a fresh Gamiviti one. Got everything put back together only to find that only one of the two sides of the seat seems to be moving (right side seems jammed). So I’m going to take the whole thing apart again, but...
  3. Aloha Jen

    '91 fj80 manual seats into '95 with power seats

    Looking for advice on those that have swapped fj80 manual cloth seats with their leather power seats. From what I've read, looks like they bolt right in, with some minor differences in overall seat height. What I am looking for, is how you have dealt with the seat belt issues. The ones I am...
  4. 40thSagePearl

    Gamiviti seat gears, the aftermath !

    So I recently picked up a locked 96 black Lexus LX450.. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! But the seats never worked in regards to the forwards and backwards motion. I did some research online and came across Gamiviti gears. I ordered 2 caps and two gears and went to work yesterday, tackling both drivers and...
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