1. FxFormat

    I need a huge favor, can someone show me a pic of their LC with just the front bumper off?

    Hey guys wondering if someone could help me, google or youtube didn't have anything. I completely dismantle the front and i think my gf accidentally threw a bracket away or something, i need to know where everything goes back. I tried searching on here and i haven't had any luck. TIA
  2. waexplorer

    pic test

  3. sean2202

    Pic thread, 1st gen taco / 3rd gen 4R

    Figured I would start a pic thread for these as I have not seen one listed. I'll start with some of my previous rigs. 2000 taco 2.7 4wd with basic spacer lift, diff drop and 31x10.5-15 bfg all terrains. 96 4 Runner Limited 3" toytec front coilovers with ome 890 rears and diff drop 265x75-16...
  4. fj62max

    Hdj81 need someone to snap a pic

    Need someone to snap a pic under on the left side in front of fuel side next to frame. I want to remove this weird crap i have and want to have an idea of how it is factory. Also want to know the fuel line size. Thanks

    Thanksgiving Glamour Shots

    Finallyly got the 1997 put back together so I figured I would take some pictures to show her off. Only Issues I had with her were. Issue#1 New 4.56 Nitro gears are making a little noise after religiously fallowing break-in instructions and beyond. Have 655 miles on the gears with ARB...
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