1. NateFX

    Driving Ace Snoopy Ivan Truck Ranger Eyes Patches - Limited Edition

    PURCHASE LINK: Driving Ace Snoopy Ivan Ranger Eyes | Lower 48 Outfitters His imagination leads him into many adventures. He climbs on top of his dog house turned baja truck, takes a good grip of his invisible steering wheel and begins to race around his backyard desert with his co-pilot...
  2. O

    1982 FJ40 Rear Body Mount & Frame Patch

    Good afternoon everyone, I have used the search feature but I am unable to find any info this, so i’m reaching out for help offered. I am currently looking at purchasing a stock 1982 FJ40 for $3500. When I looked the car over I was surprised at how rust free the frame was, however there was a...
  3. Charles4x4

    Small patch of rust bubbles - help?

    So the only rust I've found on my '87 came when I pulled off the hard top. It's a very small area, but I don't want any rust if possible. I have no experience with rust. What's the right way to fix this quickly and easily (no patch repaint obviously)? See Pic below. This is Drivers side near...
  4. W

    Floor pan patch

    Just wanted to see what thoughts are on this. Not mine, Rest of truck loooks nice, undercarriage light surface rust but this just concerned me a bit. Is it a metal patch over a rusted floor pan? Thanks
  5. Catfish28

    Are these front doors repairable without lower patch panels

    Picked up front doors from my 78 today from the media blaster. Are these repairable without the lower patch panels? They are in great shape besides this rust.
  6. T

    Wanted  Lower door patch for 72 FJ40

    Looking for a patch for my driver's side door. Can't find a patch for sale online for anything earlier than a 75
  7. T

    72' door bottom patch panel?

    Hey guys I have a super toasty driver's door bottom. The putter skin is ok, I just need a patch panel for the inner part. Anyone know where I might get one? I searched and most places only have them for later model doors.
  8. WaterfowlZone

    Heart of the South Cruisers - Patches

    The HOTS Cruiser patches arrived today, they turned out really cool. If anyone is interested just drop me a note at or shoot me a PM. Cost is $5/each which includes the shipping.
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