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  1. Jeffe13

    SOLD  SOLD!!! San Diego - 1997 Land Cruiser

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Special Edition Has 311038 original miles This is a mechanics special - Perfect Project car or Offroad vehicle THIS IS AN AS IS SALE. Will not pass CA emissions test as it is now. The Check Engine light is on. Code P0171-System lean. Most likely needs a mass air flow...
  2. Choosing The Right Suspension

    Choosing The Right Suspension

    Choosing the right suspension for your rig is like having the right tool for the job. We break down the types of suspension available and the end-use to help...
  3. GX stock.jpg

    GX stock.jpg

    Our stock 2015 GX460 ready for some kit!
  4. O Ironman

    Builds  2015 GX460 Family Overland Build

    We're beginning the build process of our 2015 GX460 today! We'll be broadcasting live on youtube at 5:30pm PST for the first of 10 broadcasts walking through the entire vehicle build process. Tune in and let us know what you think! We'll have a Q&A period at the end and welcome any feedback or...
  5. M

    Builds  BJ73 for Pan American Highway (Alaska to Argentina)

    Hi All, Planning a PAH trip later this year (starting in fall) and looking to pick up an older Land Cruiser for the trip. Was thinking about a BJ73 (w/ 197K miles & the 3.4L diesel) and wanted to get the communities input - would you recommend this 2-door for the trip in terms of overall...
  6. ShenValley100LC

    Custom CNC Items for Land Cruiser

    So I have a decent size CNC that does 40"x40" and can machine anything from acryllics, plastics, and foams to wood, corian, and can do aluminum (not steel though so no actual car parts just interior stuff mainly. ). I am looking for some applications I could use it for my 100 series Land...
  7. H

    2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Build

    Hi everyone, I am starting a 2006 Land Cruiser overland build. I just found a super clean Cruiser with 160,000 miles. I will be working with Adventure Motors in Kansas City. They are a great company and give excellent service. I am pretty new to overlanding but I will be moving to Botswana and...
  8. Sam20832

    For Sale  2000 Lx 470 - $6400 Washington Dc & Maryland area

    For sale is 2000 model Lexus LX 470 224k miles with lots of dealer maintenance documentation . I am the 3rd owner, it runs drives great power seats, heat and A/C, power windows and blue tooth phone backup camera and cd player. I am not a dealer just regular family guy that has to put his off...
  9. M

    Lift Recommendations Lexus GX470

    2004 GX470 Converting the rig to an off road setup and looking at staying under 3" of lift. Seeing a bunch of brands out there (Toytech, Old Man Emu, Icon, Fox, etc). I am looking to make it a capable vehicle but looking to keep as much on-road comfort as I can. Anyone have a setup they love...
  10. Nathan King

    Land Cruiser 80 Build---Heck of a Find. Guess what I Paid for it and the Mileage for a prize.

    Here are some pics of my 80. I am slowly getting it back into tip top shape. I am prepping for an Overland Trip from Florida to Colorado with my two lovely daughters before they are grown and gone. They are 19 and 17 now. Here's what I have done so far: Paint job All new wiring under the hood...
  11. 007

    For Sale  Roof Rack that makes 400 watts or power

    I made this Roof Rack for my FJ-80 looking to sell it. At the push of a remote button, it slides out 4 100 watt solar panels to produces 400watts of solar power on a sunny day. 1/8 all around steel and painted over with polyurethane to reduce heat. 52" LED light bar, remote Spot light, Shovel...
  12. P

    Builds  PalmoftheWild 100 Series Build

    Hello All, My name is Craig and I'm new to the forum/overlanding world. I'm documenting my build and adventures on instagram, PalmoftheWild. My friend, Nate Day, (somedayadventure) has inspired me to pursue my dream of owning a beast of an adventure vehicle. My wife and I have been known to...
  13. M

    Builds  2007 GX470 Overland Build

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been looking around the forum for the past 6 weeks after the purchase of my build vehicle (07 GX470 non-kdss). Vehicle was purchased in Ohio with 115k for a good price, only serviced at Lexus and driven by an older lady. Standard rust belt wear on the...
  14. CruiserWeight

    Cruiserweight: Adventure Rig Build

    So after about a year of day dreaming I have finally decided to take a stab at my beloved 1987 Landcruiser I named Betty, as in Betty White for obvious reasons. The journey started like most; I found myself constantly searching through craigslist ads on an empty pocket. I had been drooling over...
  15. aausmana

    Builds  Bear, My 200 Series Newbie Build

    Hi everyone. I started a build thread over on ExPo almost a month ago and I wanted to 'echo' that thread here on Mud. Much will be the same until I finish playing catch-up a little bit on Mud. Hope you enjoy! I've been a ghost on Mud and ExPo for well over 3 years, and finally joined ExPo...
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