ome lift kit 3" lift

  1. 96LandcruiserPJ

    Had the 96 Landcruiser since its inception, but just got here

    We have had this 96 FZJ80 since it had 8,000 miles (190,000 now). Both kids learned to drive in it - with a little wear to show for it. It sat for a few years with a cover in the backyard and I thought I would sell it, but was getting low balled. As a result, we are keeping it and I am...
  2. justdifferentials

    SOLD  Land Cruiser 70 series OME Leaf springs Front and rear

    For sale Old Old man Emu Front and rear Leaf Springs for 84-97 75 Series Land cruiser. Came off of 87 HJ75, but would fit other models. These are older springs, but in great shape, Assuming they are a "medium" load, but do not correspond with current spring specs, but new enough to have some...
  3. GMSilk_Fj60

    Thoughts on rebuilding leaf springs?

    I purchased a Fj60 with a pretty decent lift set up (OME Dakar ~ 3" mediums) with anti-inversion shackles. I think I will need to get new shocks and steering stabilizer as well as bushings. My stock Fj60 springs are stock height (already have load springs) but I'd like to get rid of them. Does...
  4. lakespeed

    For Sale  Locked 97 LX450 | ARB Front | OME Heavy/Med | Chicago

    Hi - I've got a locked & loaded 97 LX450 in Chicago that I'm going to be putting up for sale shortly due to a little life hiccup. Great truck, super happy with it, incredibly reliable, I'd drive it across country without hesitation, blah blah blah you guys have read the same high praise for a...
  5. G

    For Sale  Old Man Emu 3" Lift Kit.....BRAND NEW IN BOXES

    *** SOLD *** I have decided not to do the lift at this time, and plan to sell off what I recently bought on a whim (on the 14th of October 2015). I have been busy with work and haven't even bothered to take them out of the boxes to peek in. Everything is still in their original sealed packaging...
  6. dkyuss

    Finally Bought my first CRUISER!

    Well guys, Thanks in advance. I have learned so much here already! I have been drooling over these things for years (40's and 60's) and about a month ago I finally bit the bullet and picked up a relatively cheap 81 BJ60, drove 200kms home and parked it has been ever since. First some initial...
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