1. fourleggedfish

    Largest Odyssey Battery?

    Anyone know the biggest Odyssey battery that will fit the 470? I’m willing to put in an aftermarket battery box if needed. Odyssey site recommends the 27F, or 34R-PC1500T (with adapter), but I’m wondering if I can cram in something bigger, with a higher AH rating. Anybody running a bigger...
  2. UZJ100 FOR SALE


  3. brizzle

    Dual Battery Install

    I am usually over on the 100 series forum but helped a friend install an off-grid engineering dual battery kit. It took a little longer to install than expected since we made a couple enhancements to the install to avoid potential issues in the long run. It is a pricey kit but my buddy didn't...
  4. M

    Odyssey Batteries - How to Charge? Diode or DC DC Charger?

    The Odyssey batteries require alternator output of 14.0 to 14.7V to charge correctly (and comply with warranty conditions). The LC200 has an output of approx 13.8V when cool dropped to 13.3V when warm. I installed an Odyssey battery about 9 mths ago with the stock setup on my URJ202R and the...
  5. C

    Sears Platinum/Odyssey Rant

    It was a great battery for 3 years. It has a four year warranty and was MADE 10/2013. Sears will not honor the warranty because I installed it myself and have no receipt. Keep in mind it was MADE 10/2013 and I could not buy it before it was made. Perhaps this is just a lemon but I'm not buying...
  6. sunrk

    AGM batteries drop-in replacement for N70ZZL lead-acid ones ?

    Has anyone fitted AGM batteries in place of std lead-acid type in their 80? If so, who might now what the closest equivalent(s) in terms of size and terminal config to N70ZZL are available? I'm aware of Odyssey and Northstar as well-regarded brands of AGM battery particular in the USA. I know...
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