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  1. B

    '94 80 series No Spark Trouble (looking for crank position sensor)

    I've been chasing my tail for a while trying to resolve a no spark issues I've replaced the plugs, wires, ignition coil and igniter. A little bit of novice diagnosis on my part. I have not been getting anything from the CEL and have even jumped the OBD port to get a code, no light. I've noticed...
  2. P


    So I am new to the threads, just signed up but have been reading threads for a while. I am having an issue with my 1996 cruiser, and believe me I have dug into the threads like you wouldn't believe. It started out with just taking some time to turn over when I would shut it down for a quick...
  3. shevy77

    Limp Mode? - No CEL

    This past weekend I experienced what I believe was a 'limp mode' instance, but not sure this can occur without CEL. After driving approximately 90 miles in 95-100 degree temperatures at interstate speeds (75-80 MPH) with AC running front/rear, my truck lost power suddenly on the interstate. At...
  4. BSnBS747

    3FE - No CEL and no +12V @ B+

    It is time to beat another dead horse. Anyone with me? I hear its all the rage these days. Well, anyway, like the title says, I have been battling this problem for a while. I just cant seem to nail down what is causing it. It starting after I completed a head gasket job/desmog a few weeks ago...
  5. Marine7

    No start 91....Fuseable links good, no cel

    My 91 has been f'ing up lately. At first I thought fuseable links, but I changed them and still the same! I have 12 volts to the underhood fuse box, but only 3.7volts at the B+ terminal in the firewall mounted test port........????? Any help would be great! Can't find it in FSM!
  6. godoloju

    Broken Down 1992 FJ80 3FE, HELP!

    I've spent some days searching and troubleshooting and need some help with ideas for what could be wrong and how to check. I'm getting a bit desperate for something else to even check. Rig Details Owned for 3 years 1992 FJ80 3fe Engine swap 30K miles ago (previous owner ran w/ out oil) ~150K...
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