1. mattressking

    NOS 60-series Vacuum Modulator on eBay

    Interesting find on eBay. Price is high, but pretty cool nonetheless. 25870-61011 - Valve Assy - for Toyota No...I'm not Amanda
  2. BullElk

    Where does this gasket go...other than modulator pipe thingy?

    Could this gasket go anywhere else? I found it in driveway and don't ever remember taking of the modulator pipe thingy. Just wondering about any other possibilities. Thanks
  3. LX450inNash

    EGR is going to be the death of me!

    In short, I have a fabulous 96 LX that is throwing the EGR code. It also doesn't help that I must go through emissions testing. Through the several searches I have achieved the following; HOWEVER the code remains.... -EGR tests out -Modulator tests out -VSV works -intake port is spotless -temp...
  4. zonker

    EGR Modulator Ports "P" & "R"

    I am curious.. and since I can't seem to find the answer in the Lexus FSM or the Toyota version. Nor does a search here on MUD come up with an answer. I am certain someone here has the answer for me. Port "R" on the throttle body connects to port "R" on the Modulator. I believe this to be...
  5. J

    Wanted  Miscellaneous 1991 FJ80 parts

    I'm located in Canada, looking for parts for my 1991 FJ80- random stuff mostly that I don't really care where it comes from. - rear washer nozzle (rubber bulb above the rear glass) - 4x seat bolts - fender flare hardware for the rear 4 fender flares. (Cage nuts and bolts, about 8 of each) - 1x...
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