1. Pike

    Zero Milage Engine and Tranny Rebuild 1FZ - Complete

    and.. she's alive! What an experience, long but rewarding! First start vid:
  2. silverhorse


    So my 94 has 290k on the transmission and t-case. everything else has been rebuilt. I'm not having issues but I'm a PM guy.. and i dont want to be worried about going on long trips... Is their a t-case rebuild kit ? who would "we" trust to service the tranny? ALL ADVISE APPRECIATED AS USUAL....
  3. rc51kid

    Low milage parts truck or scam?

    Lexus LX450 I have no affiliation with this truck. But it is at a local yard. I really wanted the front seats but the seller said they went to a guy in SC. Which one of you guys got that deal? Anyway, look at the pictures of before it rolled. Looks like it was 115,000 miles. If this all looks...
  4. peteinpeb

    High Milage 80 Series buyer concerns

    I uses to own a 97 Lx450 and had to sell it a few years ago. I am looking to get back into an 80 series. I found a 40th anniversary, sage, that is located close to me. It is in good shape cosmetically and drives well. The thing that concerns me is the mileage. It has 255,000 miles on the engine...
  5. Coolfishluke

    FJ80 Gearing and tyres

    I have recently purchased a 1992 FJ80 with 35" tyres and 4.88 diff gears. I have also fitted a Marks 4WD part time 4WD hub kit. It drives great, especially since the Mark's kit was installed. I am planning to drive around the USA over 6-8 months, so plenty of miles both on and off road...
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