1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Air Flow Meter (Air Vane) and Sensors for FJ80 1991-1992

    SoCal Shipping is available. Paypal accepted. $125 firm, shipping is $15.40 within USA 50 states. Condition is good.
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale 1993-1994 FJ80 Air Flow Meter (Air Vane)

    SoCal Part Number is 22250-66010 197100-3860 Connector is good, and the Air Flow Meter Has not been tampered with. Clean inside and out. Off the car and ready to ship. $145. + shipping. Paypal OK. NOT FOR 1995-1997
  3. rugerberetta

    voltage too high pegs my voltage meter at or near 60mph or 3000 rpms

    I have q 71 FJ40 with the F engine it does have a painless wiring harness and Dolphin gauges. I was on my why home from a trip out west from St louis after driving straight through from Brice Canyon NP I made it to KC during rush hour. It was getting light out so I turned off my headlights my...
  4. K

    For Sale Air/fuel meter from 1994 FZJ-80, virginia

    *SOLD) I had this air/fuel meter for a spare. No longer have LC. $110 shipped in conus. (SOLD)
  5. dagwood85

    For Sale Air/fuel meter from 1994 land cruiser

    i pulled this to sell to someone but the communication has stopped.since it is pulled and boxed, may as well see if anyone else is interested in it. $100 plus shipping. Located in Utah. Text for pictures 801six2eight6990
  6. Atwalz

    Wanted Air Flow Meter needed 1994 Cruiser

    I am looking for a working Air flow Meter (VAFM) for 1994 land Cruiser. PM me if you got one. Thanks.
  7. sbechtold

    For Sale Dash Pod Meter Hood - SF Bay Area, CA

    SOLD Brand new hood sub assembly for a 70 series. Part number 55403-90k00-13. This is the cover for the gauge pod on the dash. It is grey in color. I paid $77 from partsoug shipped. Selling for $70 shipped to the lower 48. PM me if interested.
  8. B

    Wanted Airflow meter for a 93-94 fj80

    I need a nice clean airflow meter from a 1993-1994 fj80 22250-66010, someone removed the screws and tried to rig mine back together and it's acting up, pm me
  9. Adog

    Has anyone installed Auto Meter Tach 2697Z on FJ40 with MSD 5 Ignition?

    Thinking of installing Autometer 2697z on 76 fj40 that has MSD 5, model 5200 ignition. No tach lead on Msd 5. Called Msd tech and they recommend using a Msd 8910 tach adapter. Looking at the install diagrams of the tach adapter, not clear at all as to hook up. Anyone using this setup and advise...
  10. Bardiya

    White Instrument Cluster Background?

    Aftermarket cluster that came on my cruiser
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