1. mdsims

    24hrs in Atlanta - 5/11 - 5/12

    GA folk, I'll be cruising through Atlanta for work next Thursday. The night is open. Any good recommendations for dinner, beverages, or anyone want to meet up? Flying into Hartsfield about 6:30 pm, hotel is up North, Buckhead Intercontinental (our office is right off 400, Buckhead Forrest), so...
  2. kevinfoutch

    Denver Meet-up Apr 8th - stop by!

    (mods - please move if appropriate) Hey all, a few of us in Denver are getting together for an informal meet & greet - Cruisers & Coffee - Denver BassPro Apr 8th Started off by wanting to review wiring projects on a 200, but quickly expanded to other areas of interest - would be awesome to...
  3. peterb

    Third Annual Southeast 70 Series Meet & Greet

    The organizers of the event are already planning for next year. We have a couple of questions for those that are considering attending: 1) Any preference on the weekend - September 21-24 or September 28 - October 1? 2) Would you prefer to return to Windrock in Tennessee or meet at another...
  4. STEP 22 Gear

    Roseville, CA Meet & Greet Sunday Aug 21, 2016

    Roseville, CA Meet & Greet - 1st Annual Gear and Beer Hola everyone! and Porter's House of Draft are putting together a Meet and Greet for Sunday Aug 21, 2016. Location will be Porter's HOD - 7456 Foothills Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747. Some great food will be on site, beer specials...
  5. unfortunately

    Portland, OR 60 series Owners

    There seem to be several. Would be great to meet some of the other cruiser owners in town. I know about Cascade Cruisers, but they seem pretty inactive? This thread can become a digital roll call, if people see fit. Or it could be where we discuss logistics re: finding a suitable physical...
  6. Jacob Auernheimer

    Nashville Tennessee Land Cruiser Meet Up

    Hey Everyone, I'm working on organizing a meet up for April the 2nd at the Nashville Cars and Coffee. I would like to get a head count to see if the event would be worth putting on. If there are enough people we might consider going to nearby Wooly's Off Road Park that afternoon. It would be...
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