1. Aussiecruiser82

    For Sale  Marks Adapter - 6L80E to LandCruiser 4-speed auto HF2A transfer case

    $1000 OBO Got a brand new Marks Adapter to convert the 6L80e to 80 Series transfer case. This does not include the engine mounts. I didn't get them since they don't work in the US trucks. I was going to do a conversion on my 96 but I ended up buying Bloc's already converted. Already in the US...
  2. S

    LS3 eRod?

    Do you have one? If so, what trans? Who did the install? How do you like it?
  3. blue44

    LS3 are 37s for DD?

    So our little 40 has bounced around several cruiser shops and has landed w trollhole. Lots of headaches w 2F rebuilds, so we opted for a crate GM V8. This started the domino effect that led to Atlas case, NV4500, Saginaw, SOA, and 99% sure we'll go w Dynatrac axles cut to 60" WMS. Never had this...
  4. H

    GM Connect & Cruise Intermitten issue

    I purchased an FJ62 a while back and all has been well, just working through little projects and learning what makes an FJ62 tick [well, what is left of the original and learning what has been changed], until i hit something over my head. Little background....the engine and transmission in...
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