locker fzj80 elocker actuator

  1. S

    Rear elocker wiring, '96 LC to '97 LX450

    Hi, I might be potentially getting an entire rear locked axle assembly including ECU, harness etc etc from a '96 Land Cruiser to swap into my unlocked '97 LX450. I searched and read a few threads on wiring and learned: Land Cruisers from various years may have different colored wires because...
  2. Onur

    80 Series Rear Locker Sub-Harness Information

    This is the only remaining complete locker sub-harness for the 80 series from Toyota. This will fit all of the 1993-1997 80 Series trucks. This part is barely still available from Toyota. Also integrates the locker breather tube as well. Hope this information helps folks. It is...
  3. NexusD

    Fzj80 rear locker issue

    Hello all I have a 97 fzj80 with lockers. This past week I had a shop install new exhaust system. The exhaust guy pointed the exhaust tip right at the locker solenoid. Over the past week, stuck in la traffic and driving around town, my locker automatically engaged. Upon inspection I found the...
  4. 96landcrusher

    Wanted  fzj80 locker actuators

    Hello mudders, HELP!!! The good folks at slee have just informed me that both of my locker actuators are toast... I am heartbroken having just swapped these axles from my deceased 80 to my new one, but that just life lol. Please let me know if anyone has units available for me to buy. Id buy one...
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