1. nwfj62

    Trade  2014 Tundra loaded

    Testing the trade waters with my 2014 Tundra 40,000 miles, dealer maintained and adult owned. Just need to install front Hefty Fab works front bumper and winch and install rear bumper. OME 2.5 lift, AFE cat back exhaust and intake. It's an SR5 with leather seats, leather steering wheel, TRD...
  2. Quade

    AHC - Backend drops when loaded

    I have a weird issue with the ahc I put 7 people in the car and it sat right down and would not come back up I emptied car, and then got everyone to get in with engine running and it did eventually raise and stay up I've also noticed if it fiddle with up and down, it sometimes sits in low...
  3. Dan Higgins

    Weigh In - 6800 lbs loaded (7000 w/ Wife and Her Gear)

    So while driving Highway 101 through Oregon yesterday I stopped at a highway dept scales and weighed my 2016. The front axle was 3350. The rear axle was 3450. And obviously the total was 6800. On my truck I have installed sliders from Slee, a Gobi rack, and one half of an ARB drawer set. I...
  4. M

    High CO emissions loaded

    Hey folks I'm a bit stumped on why I keep getting a high CO reading when ever the engine is under load ~30 mph per Arizona Emissions test. Here are the numbers HC Loaded: 48 Allowed: 220 HC Idle: 49 Allowed: 220 CO Loaded: 5.50 Allowed: 1.20 CO Idle: 0.55...
  5. S

    For Sale  2 YES 2 factory locked 1996 80 series in Massachusetts

    1 has 135k 1 has 210 k both in good shape a few small rust spots but no major or structural rot low mileage one has lift , sliders , bumper, 33s. needs passenger headlight & wiring (bulb fell out and caught harness on fire and melted some stuff) color green. I believe it has every option there...
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