license lamp assembly

  1. WartHog73

    Wanted  Left rear license plate assembly or glass needed

    hey everyone - looking for replacement glass or replacing the left rear license plate assembly on my 55. Any help appreciated - thanks greatly!
  2. ZoomByYou

    Wanted  Rear license plate holder (complete) for 1972 FJ40

    Looking for an early type rear license plate holder (as pictured below) for my 1972 FJ40. THANKS!!!!
  3. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  70-series Jerry Can Holder - Sold

    I have a brand new Factory Toyota Jerry Can Holder. I think it came as option in some 60-series (with barn doors) and 70-series, and I know of people that have retrofit it to fit a 40-series, though I don't know if it ever was a factory option or not for the 40-series. I have the 3 pieces shown...
  4. Paraglider

    how to remove the light bulbs on the license plate holder

    I'm trying to figure out why the bulbs aren't lighting up. They appear good (have their filament) and so I'm trying to test at the receptacle if electricity is getting to the bulbs. How do you remove the bulbs--push on them and turn or ? I don't want to brake them by doing something stupid to...
  5. zgarre

    For Sale  FJ60 License Lamp Assembly w/Toyota Logo

    Used, good condition - chrome should polish up nicely. Includes rubber gasket. New 12V bulbs installed, also comes with (2) 24V bulbs if needed. These are really hard to find, with SOR asking $256 for a used one. Note that it must be fully installed for the lights to turn on (properly grounded)...
  6. FJ6T

    FJ60 License Lamp Assembly Logo (3d Print)

    Anyone have any interest or need in a replacement logo for the FJ60 license lamp assembly? Mine was turned into a plastic ball by a chrome stripper (not the one on a pole) and led me to this point. I had a local prototype shop CAD a printable format but hey have a $ minimum to print it in high...
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