1. N

    HZJ PTO identification help?

    Hello everybody! Fresh to the forum. Can anybody identify and share technical data of this mechanical PTO? Plus share PTO type label, data, tow capacity, cable lenght, etc. ? Removed from LC HZJ 1993/94. 1HZ engine, Europe. Many thanks for your help!
  2. marchthroughathens

    OEM step P/N?

    Been searching for roof rack side steps, like these. Looked through HZJ, HDJ, and international FZJ 80 variation parts schematics, and nothing is popping up. Are these just dealer or aftermarket add on? If so, can someone point me the right direction?
  3. P

    Container coming from Japan

    Hello everyone, I'm making a move from mainland Japan back to South Carolina at the end of February/beginning of March 2020. I'm going to be shipping a 20ft container of household goods that I won't be able fill. As such, is there anything (particularly heavy items) anyone wants from Japan...
  4. athensrep

    Parting Out Atlanta: New take-off Wide Body 70 series front end

    Here's almost everything you need to convert a narrow into a wide. A few modifications to your inner fenders and radiator support, and you'll be off the races. These parts are new take-offs from a white 2018 HZJ79 and they're in great shape. The clip kit contains: • Snorkel upper and lower...
  5. bottombracket

    Builds Poverty packin’: 1992 HZJ80 in Texas

    How the heck did I end up in the 80 section of MUD? For the past five years I’ve been a pretty stalwart 60 series fan. I have 3 60 series trucks and I thought that they fit me just right. I have an FJ40 that I love, and I’ve dabbled with the idea of getting into a 70 series now and again, but...
  6. M

    SOLD ****SOLD****Texas: 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel 4×4 1HZ $18,495

    1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel 4×4 1HZ $18,495 TexasJDM.com 1HZ 4.2 Diesel Powered HZJ73 Cruiser Automatic Transmission Locking HUBS, Front and Rear Differential Lock and Removable FRP Top. Shows 177,555 Original Kilometers which is 110,327 Miles. Has one small area of rust and otherwise a...
  7. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  8. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  9. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  10. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  11. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  12. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  13. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  14. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  15. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  16. Paulrotterdam

    HZJ75 rattle/whine in 3rd gear deceleration engine braking

    Yesterday I noticed a slight rattle/whine when I 'engine brake' in 3rd gear. None of the other gears give this sound when engine braking. On acceleration all gears sound fine. The sound stops when the clutch is disengaged during 3rd gear engine braking. Any ideas? Linkage, bearing, pinion?
  17. BiffS

    Parting Out All mechanical for LJ 78 series, and all electrical / interior for a 77 series JDM. Van, BC Canada

    please see cross post in Diesel JDM section. Most of the chassis and mechanical parts of the LJ 78 are availible. Vehicle had only 49k KM on it. Running 2LTE etc. the PZ77 is getting the body and 12V stuff from the LJ78, so all the 24V stuff is availible. all computers, 24V winch with 2...
  18. vizualeyce

    For Sale PZJ77 5 CYLINDER

    NO AFFILIATION..... I found this on eBay and just wanted to share it here. I am not an expert but these ones are hard to find. Toyota: Land Cruiser LX Is there any difference between PZJ and the HZJ other than the cylinder?
  19. NicoB

    For Sale 1991 HZJ80 LHD - Price negotiable

    Year: 1991 Model: Land Cruiser HZJ80 Engine: 4.2 diesel (in line 6 cylinder) Transmission: Full Time 4WD, manual with electronic center differential lock Mileage: 270,000 km (168,000 mi) Modifications: OME 2.5" heavy suspension lift Complete Re-Gear Package (4.56:1) from IPOR Aussie rear locker...
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