1. Jay470

    Difficult problem - looking for expert advice.

    I have an odd and seemingly unresolved problem... no matter what I've tried. First things first... I have an FSM, I have used all of my Google superpowers, replacement parts are all OEM (even the replacement tubes, lines, sensors, etc) and now I'm asking for help. The problem: I have a 96...
  2. Exiled

    Builds  UZJ100 Hunting Rig Build

    I've never done a build thread but I'd thought I'd give it a try this time. Life long Cruiserhead, early member of IH8MUD and former TLCA member but I've been away for 10+ years, got busy with life/family/work. 31 years of uninterrupted Land Cruiser ownership, mostly 60 series and 70 series. I...
  3. JS114

    For Sale  GA - Overland Expedition Trailer

    Spent the better part of my wife's second pregnancy building this only to realize overlanding with two little ones wasn't in the cards. Time to make room in the garage for more kid stuff. Body is a WeatherGuard 308-3 Pack Rat Drawer Unit with a pair of BetterBuilt Crown 48-in Top Mount Tool...
  4. parkamatt

    1FZ-FE Hunting after rebuild

    Hi, have just rebuild my 1FZFE and am having an issue with the idle. It runs okay for a few seconds after cranking, then idle shoots up to 3200, then drops to 2200 and continues going up and down for a few minutes until it just has enough and cuts out. Have checked the spark plugs, ignition...
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