heated seats

  1. J

    JDM Heated Seats switch install help

    I've had the Japanese interior for my FJ80 since I bought it and I have the switches. I need the wiring to go from the switch to the seat, but should be able to track that down. Can you guys point me in the right direction for information on how to hook up the heated seats to switches and power?
  2. I

    Wanted JDM factory heated seats switches

    Looking for vertical jdm heated seat switches like ones in the pic. Let me know what youve got. Thanks, James
  3. gofast

    How did you route the heated seat wired for the seat back

    All, Finally getting around to installing the Metric TLC leather kit I bought in 2012. I went brown and it's really nice! Not much really wrong with my oak skins aside from one small hole on the back of the second row and wearing vinyl on the driver's side bottom bolster near the switch. I...
  4. schradec


    Looking for a pair of from seat heater switches for a 97 FZJ80, Tan interior. Holler if you got em! Thanks all! CS
  5. jwilliams

    97' FZJ80 heated seat install with Toyota horizontal low/high switches

    Recently installed new leather with heated seat elements. Here is my video review of the leather and quick look at heated seat switches This information is for a 1997 FZJ80, I am not sure if all models have the factory plugs under the center console, please check to verify. PREFACE The truck...
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