1. Bare inner structure

    Bare inner structure

    Pics with the headliner off, 1996 FZJ80
  2. Bare inner structure

    Bare inner structure

    Pics with the headliner off, 1996 FZJ80
  3. Bare inner structure

    Bare inner structure

    Pics with the headliner off, 1996 FZJ80
  4. Bare inner structure

    Bare inner structure

    Pics with the headliner off, 1996 FZJ80
  5. hermosa11

    For Sale  Front Bumper and misc. 55 parts...

    Front bumper and misc. 55 parts: Please see the images. I would like to sell all the parts as a group if possible but willing to break up the bumper and the headliner rods as needed. The rest of the parts are what you see, but I think I have 2 sets of headliner rods. I also have a decent rear...
  6. GW Nugget

    velcro headliner patches???

    This is my newest addiction... velcro headliner patches. Not much comes up in search. So if you will post up your headliner patch collection and or where to get them. I know @Box Rocket rocket has a collection. Thank you in advance Gary
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Complete sunroof 1991-1997 and Headliner 95-97

    SoCal NO SHIPPING Complete Electric Sunroof, works very well. $150. If you want parts let me know and may consider. Headliner is Cloth beige factory for 1995-1997 in xlnt condition. $100 if sold before December 30.
  8. U

    For Sale  New FJ40 OEM Headliner for hardtop 63311-90302

    I am selling a new, unused genuine Toyota OEM headliner for the FJ40 hardtop. This is part 63311-90302. It fits years 1969-1984. New, unopened and in perfect condition. Perfect for builds when you want to only use genuine Toyota parts. I am selling for $689 with free shipping CONUSA. I...
  9. 1

    Help - Questions on Cleaning Headliner on a 1992 LC

    I am new to the forum and am having trouble finding the answer to my question. Got a 92 LC last weekend and have been working on cleaning it up. Finally got to the headliner and realized it is totally disgusting. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean it? I was using a basic carpet/upholstery...
  10. Awk338

    For Sale  New SOR Headliner

    Brand new SOR headliner for a 78 FJ55 $140.00 + shipping
  11. utahFJ60

    Headliner Support Rods FJ60 ('85)

    I recently bought a FJ60 without the headliner, support rods or silencer pads. I'm interested in where I can pick up the support rods and silencer pads. For the headliner, I may have one made or opt for the SOR reproduction. If anyone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears! What's your...
  12. ZeGerman

    I fought the headliner and the headliner lost

    So you have an old school headliner? And you would like to remove it because perhaps your sunroof leaks? Or you need to run a cable? Make sure your hands are clean they say. Its tedious but doable they say. NO WAY I SAY! Is glued, its screwed, you need to take our your damn windows cause its...
  13. N

    New headliner nightmare. Opinions needed.

    I bought a headliner kit from one of the Land Cruiser aftermarket companies. 350.00ish bucks. Dropped my cruiser off at the headliner shop to have it done. Was told 3-5 days. Now 35 days later he has said i give up. That's the best i can do. Paid him 300.00 for his time and effort as i know he...
  14. mulchiro

    Outback roof console install - headliner question

    I'm one of the unicorn trucks with no sunroof and I'm trying to install an outback overhead console in my 91. I want to mount my CB to it. I am trying to figure out how to run the coax from the engine bay to the center of the headliner. The only threads I can find about lowering the headliner in...
  15. M

    For Sale  W/roof speakers Land Cruiser

    Headliner with sunroof land Cruiser -$100 Send messages if interested.
  16. Navyator

    Sunroof leak fixed!.... I think

    I've been dealing with a leak for the past month or so, and I just had no idea what was causing it. During rainy days, water would seep trough the headliner on the driver's side A-pillar and would develop a slow drip. I was concerned it was somehow coming in my rain gutters as there are a few...
  17. S

    For Sale  80 Series Complete Headliner

    From a 1996 Land Cruiser 80 Series Location: Hesperia CA 92344 (PICK UP ONLY, too big to ship) Contact: Ken (562) 881-1687 text please Complete headliner with pillar liners, sun roof liner and dome lights. Came from a Grey interior cruiser. Great Condition $200
  18. xOlfy

    Toyota Sequoia...?

    Hey guys im new to the group, i have a 2002 sequoia, i was wondering if anyone else on here has one and what theyve done for modifications? id like to chat with you. Also i need to take the headliner down and i cant seem to figure out how to take the sun visors off, anyone knwo anywhere that can...
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