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  1. 1

    1994 LC Hard Starting When Warm

    Hi. Thanks in advance. I'm a noobie. I'm not very mechanically inclined, but my friend at work is a former mechanic and has been willing to help me with my LC problems, so if I don't necessarily understand your responses, I know he will. I've had my 1994 LC for about 5 years. Almost 200,000...
  2. morganism

    New diagnostic question for starting probs on 62's

    These 62's with starting problems are popping up a lot, i wonder if we should ask a new diagnostic question. "Have you had water on the drivers floorboard ?" "Have you pushed the start in gear switch lately" What i am thinking is that if there was a leak from gutters down A pillar, or plugged...
  3. morganism

    Cold start and rough run on all older toys ?

    Ok, i have started having problems now that it is finally getting cold out here in the desert, but the weird thing is my folks 2001 Corolla is having loss of power and stalling at lights problem too. We had it running great thru the summer after lots of O2 sensor problems last winter. Mine is 83...
  4. Zarek Cockar

    1HZ Hard Start at warmer temperatures

    - I have a 1994 HZJ80 GX (non-turbo 1HZ) with 380,000 kms on the clock. For reference, I'm based in Kenya, where our best quality diesel is probably not up to par with average diesel elsewhere, but I only buy diesel from reputable, international companies (Shell, Total, etc.) - When the engine...
  5. goneballistic

    LX450 EXTREMELY hard start or no start when cold or wet.

    My wife's 97 LX450 is experiencing something weird, when it's either wet outside or very cold, the truck will *BARELY* start, or sometimes fails to start at all. It'll turn over and over and over and over and if she's lucky, after 5-6 tries it'll catch and run very rough for a few seconds...
  6. B

    Using thicker oil, using different gas and Hard start troubleshooting

    I looked around lightly and could not find anyone with a similar issue. If there is on please let me know. Here is what is happening: Sometime back on my 1986 FJ60 I noticed some oil leaking in the rear main so after reading up on it and speaking to some folks I decided to try the thickest...
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