New diagnostic question for starting probs on 62's


Jan 17, 2009
Verde Valley, AZ
These 62's with starting problems are popping up a lot, i wonder if we should ask a new diagnostic question.

"Have you had water on the drivers floorboard ?" "Have you pushed the start in gear switch lately"

What i am thinking is that if there was a leak from gutters down A pillar, or plugged fresh air intake drains, that it is leaking down onto the dashboard ground connections from above, and causing corrosion and higher resistance.

Is my alternator about to eat dust?

If one of the kids has pushed the start in gear switch, wouldn't that force all the ground voltage thru that connector then ?

I don't have a hardcopy wiring diagram, but just musing why all these automatic trans guys are having probs. I've got the 60 2F, so my start probs have all been solved by the ignitor case ground trick, which they added in the 100 series.

"A safety cancel switch
allows starting on hills without the clutch
depressed. It does so by establishing an alternate
path to ground."

Toyota starting systems
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