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  1. Andrew Sowden

    Wanted  1964 FJ45 H Engine Starter Motor

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a 12v starter motor for the H engine in my 1964 FJ45. I would appreciate any leads to private sellers or vendors on this forum who might be able to help. I live in Zambia, Africa but have a buddy on vacation in Atlanta until the 22nd December 2018, so I was...
  2. wileycoyote

    Wanted  H engine parts needed

    I know someone has this and surely isn't going to use it. I need an oil pump and a cam for an h engine. Let me know what ya have. Thanks.
  3. CharlestonG8R

    H Engine Picture Request

    Hello! Sorry to post this, it's a rather lame request... But my HJ45 arrived with the wrong starter and a bit of a rat nest of wiring. I've gone through the FSM for the H Motor and it indicates that there should be 4 wires going to it (plus a ground?). I can only find 3 and I'm not even sure...
  4. W

    Could someone please help me with my H engine "engine number" problem?

    Okay, im just gonna straight to the point. I have swapped my land cruiser from H engine to 13BT engine. However, my old engine is stolen. The problem become worst because i need the old engine number to make a paper for my car to run on the street. My country requires every car to carry a paper...
  5. W

    FJ55 1968 with H (or 2H?) Engine. Is it Original?

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, i have 2 simple questions. Hope somebody can help me. :) I have an FJ55, the paper said it is from 1968, however the engine of this FJ55 is H-Engine (or 2H?) with engine number "H 145XX". As i browsed to the online world, ive noticed that FJ55 from this...
  6. Traktor

    Toyota H engine Identification number

    Where can I find the engine number on my H engine. Not the vin but the actual engine number. Thank you in advance :)
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