1. MK19

    For Sale TN TriCities area: 2023 GX 460 Blackline wheels/tires (5)

    Selling this brand new set of takeoffs plus spare (not pictured) from our 2023 GX 460 Blackline. Only 300 miles on them (0 on spare) and includes TPMS on all 5 and lugs. $2300 and will drive up to 100 miles from my house (24244). These will fit any GX from 2009+
  2. A

    LFD Adjustable Hidden Winch Mount with Recovery Points

    I recently purchased a 2011 GX460 and was looking at getting this hidden winch mount from LFD. They have pictures of it mounted on the 2014+ model, but not the 2010-13. I was wondering if anyone here has installed it or has and has pictures of it on their GX. I like the idea of having the hidden...
  3. R

    '10 CD player delete

    I've been searching all evening and can't seem to find an answer.... is it possible to remove the CD changer from the dash of a 2010 without bricking the infotainment unit? (no rear entertainment system) My CD collection disappeared during a move sometime in the aughts and now I exclusively...
  4. Roody

    Roody’s 2018 Lexus GX460 Build, Adventure, and Ramblings Thread

    This is the story of my 2018 Lexus GX460. This is what it looked like when I bought it on November 1, 2021: And this is what it looks like as of this writing: Backstory: After a slew of 4Runners (2005 V6, 2018 TRD Off Road, 2005 V8) and countless other vehicles, I concluded my vehicular...
  5. mattman615

    Where are video inputs on 2011 GX460?

    I’ve recently received a 2011 GX460 with rear entertainment system. There is an option for “Video Input” in the source menu. My question is where is the inputs located? Also- are there any other comparable options to the GROM VL2 for these models? Thanks!

    SOLD Longmont, CO 2015 Lexus GX460

    2015, 64k miles, no rust (Fluid filmed every year originally from Dallas!), clean car fax, steel bumpers front and rear, rci fuel tank and rear lower control arm skids, warn vr evo 10s winch, rsg dom rock sliders, led highbeams, diff breather relocate, red arc brake controller, treaty oak...
  7. 1

    NEED HELP. steering wheel shake

    I got a 2019 gx460 about a month and a half ago. Ever since I got it, ive been experiencing a vibration/shake in my steering wheel at highway speeds (between 60-75). It’s very inconsistent, it doesn’t always happen, and when it does, it will often go away after a little. I went to the...
  8. firepuglife

    For Sale Birmingham AL: gx460 wheels and tires. Buy or trade

    Currently looking for the same wheel but in 18”. These are on my wife’s 2021 gx460 premium sport. They are 19”. Looking to buy, sell , or trade
  9. R

    SOLD SO-CAL 17X8.5 0 offset 106.1 6x139.7

    I have 5 Brand new in the box (5) Raceline 7X wheels. $800 Brand new in box. Was going to use for a Landcruiser 80 series, but going back to stock 16's. One wheel was opened to be fitted to truck for measurements, but no scrapes, still clean No shipping, local pickup only $1500 dollar value...
  10. leftfootdrive

    SOLD Las Vegas, NV: 4x GX460 18" Wheels w/ Falken Wildpeak AT3W 275/65/18 Tires

    Set of 4x OEM Lexus GX460 wheels wrapped in Falken AT3W tires. 6x139.7. 18” by 7.5” 1 noticeable ding/scratch on one of the wheels 4 Falken Wildpeak AT3W- 275/65/18. A 32 inch tire. Tread is between 11/32nds - 10/32nds Taken off Lexus GX460. Will fit other Lexus/Toyota vehicles. These...
  11. Roody

    For Sale CT: 2018 Lexus GX460, 31k miles, upgraded/modified - $44,999 OBO

    For Sale is my 2018 Lexus GX460. I purchased the vehicle in November of 2021 after the original owner traded it back into the dealer they originally purchased it from. It had 27,562 miles when I bought it and now has 31,4xx miles (which will go up ever-so-slightly). It has never been in an...
  12. M

    2023 Blackline - Boulder Interior?

    Has anyone taken delivery of a 2023 Blackline SE yet? I have a Nori Green coming in a few weeks and no one can seem to tell me or better yet show me what this new Boulder Nuluxe interior looks like. Apparently, according to my local Lexus dealership, that the pic in the ‘23 Blackline SE...
  13. brewsky

    For Sale PA - GX460 Clear Tail Lights

    Selling a pair of clear tail lights coming off my 2017 GX460. Only defect is a small light discoloration on the drivers side one, no deep scratches or cracks. All working bulbs. Located in PA 17404. Ready to ship or get picked up. Asking $200 + s/h.
  14. sugarsam

    For Sale Phoenix: 2016 Lexus GX460

    Sad to let her go but just picked up a Jeep Wrangler 392 and bought new a house so it's time to let someone else enjoy the ride. Details: 2016 Lexus GX460 ~84k Miles Icon Stage 7 Billet Aluminum - minus the trailing arms and track bar RSG Sliders ARB Skids (Pictures prior to the Skids) 17"...
  15. KlunkerBiker

    SOLD Coeur d'Alene, ID || Bumper: Metal Tech 2010-13 GX460 Talon Front Shell Bumper Stage 2 (Never mounted, garage stored)

    $1750 obo - We purchased this bumper for our now sold GX460 and never used it. I took it out of the shipping box to fit in my small garage. It's basically new, but since it's not, I am not asking new price. I would say the condition is a 9.8 out of 10, as maybe it has been bumped into, maybe it...
  16. A

    For Sale Austin Texas: 2013 Lexus Gx460

    2013 Lexus Lexus GX · Suv · Driven 150,024 miles Helping my Pop's sell his Lexus GX460 Price: 35k OBO location: Austin, Texas Mileage: 150,024 Year: 2013 Interior color: sepia (Light brown) Color: star fire pearl (White) Trim: Base Model (Did not come with air bags) VIN: JTJBM7FX4D5058242 TITLE...
  17. Shawnster

    For Sale 2015 GX 460 Premium with 26k miles (San Diego)

    2015 GX 460 Premium in Agate Fire Pearl, tan interior, 26k miles — perfect condition both mechanically and cosmetically. Purchased from a soccer mom as a family hauler and camping rig under a year ago but my circumstances have changed. Perfect condition inside and out. All additions and...
  18. SSORV

    Rig Pic

    Aloha everyone, My name is Manni I’m co owner of @showstoppersoffroad_vegas. This is my 2014 Lexus GX 460. Sitting on Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285/75/17, Fifteen52 turbomac HD in Asphalt Black, Kings 2.5 RR w/ adjusters, Icon overland rear springs, Icon rear track bar, Black Gate Customs KDSS rear...
  19. tampacruiser95

    Builds Tampa Cruiser's GX Build

    I just sold my 200 series and bought a 2016 Base GX460. I heavily modified my 200 but going with a much milder build on this platform. Things I've ordered so far are: - Dobinson IMS lift, 2" front and 1.5" rear, comfort springs - Bora wheel spacers for a little wider stance - Seat covers -...
  20. ethanexplosion

    SOLD Salt Lake City: 2018 Lexus GX460 Premium Trim

    Asking $51,500 For sale is my ‘18 Lexus GX460 Premium with ~53k miles, I’m the original owner located in Salt Lake City—Text/call: eight zero one eight eight four nine seven five seven. Vehicle has a Dobinsons suspension lift with Eimkeith panhard correction kit, Blackgate KDSS drop blocks &...
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