1. CahabaCruisers

    SOLD  *NEW* Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series Grill 2of2

    $350- New old stock!! In perfect condition! Flat rate shipping included to the US and Canada. PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo accepted
  2. AdventureYeti

    For Sale  Orange County, California (FJ62 Land Cruiser Front Grille - Re-production, missing T & A Letters

    I have a new front grille that was purchased from CCOT missing the front letters T & A in TOYOTA. Yeah, kind of lame, I know. I purchased it thinking how hard could it be to get those pesky letters, and I came to find out it's impossible as the vendor who produces them does not sell them...
  3. L

    Best Grille/Brush Guard for LC200

    I recently purchased a 2013 LC200 and want to put a grille/brush guard on it. I live in Texas and deer are like rodents - all over the place. I came from a truck with a Ranch Hand style cattle guard and want something similar. I can only find grille guard/bumper replacements (ARB style), but I’m...
  4. C

    For Sale  2000 LC Headlight/Grille/Newer (new) Toyota Grille Emblem/Fog Lights

    Hi all, did the front end update to 07 style per TLCFAQ & I believe mud user @RobRed ... Which cost appx exactly what he said it would... So trying to recoup a little $$ for Project Barn FJ... 2000 OEM Toyota Grille - $75 + shipping - perfect used condition - a little dirty with some...
  5. L

    Wanted  Looking for factory grille for 2006 LC

    Looking for new or good condition used factory grill for a 2006 LC in the Denver/front range CO area.
  6. MattAg06

    Wanted  07 LX470 Grille

    My grille is beat up. Looking for an option cheaper than the $330 the dealer wants. Thanks!
  7. zgarre

    For Sale  FJ60 / FJ62 OEM Front Speaker Grilles

    Perfect condition, complete with mesh lining. See pics below. Paid $75 each from Asking $100 + sh for both.
  8. S

    For Sale  LX450 pass headlight, grille, tail and front lights

    I have the stock oem passenger side headlight, both parking lights, turn signal lights, and tail lamps for sale. The 1 headlight is the R side if you are inside the cruiser. 100 for the headlight 50 for the grille 50 for the corner signals as a pair 25 for the parking lights as a pair 25 for...
  9. Recon Aircrew

    Aftermarket Black Hex Grille Thread

    Modifying with the black Bentley-style Hex Grille and FJ40 emblem badge seems to be a pretty common thing to do, so I thought I would start a thread for others who may be considering giving it a try. I ordered the following items from eBay: OEM Toyota 1969-1974 Land Cruiser BJ40 FJ40 Front...
  10. S

    Wanted  Grille for 97 LC

    Want to buy a used 97 LC front grille
  11. SoCal FZJ80

    100 Series to 60 Series Front Fascia Conversion Flex Dream LC100 to LC60 Grille & Headlights

    This is the Flex Dream conversion for the 100 Series if you want to make your cruiser look more traditional. Radical change over the way the UZJ100 looks in the USA. Toyota should have made a version of the 100 series like this from the factory, but currently only concentrates on sending Luxury...
  12. Stridertexas

    For Sale  62 grille and light surrounds

    FJ62 front grille and light surrounds Here's a link to my CL posting. Peace.
  13. 65swb45

    FREE  Wall Art 55 grille

    First one to make a qualifying order and ask for it gets it for additional cost of shipping with the order. No PMs.
  14. 2001LC

    SOLD  98-02 LX470 Lexus Gold Grille, w/ chrome Emblem. CO.

    Hard to find Gold border grille for LX 470 Lexus 100 series. I've listed for $120 on CL & ebay. Offer for $100 here in mud. I've fitted this grille on 98-02 LX470 (1998, 1999, 2000 2001 & 2002) Some parts web pages indicate this grille will fit 2003 thru 2007 also. You must verify fitment of...
  15. ndoak

    Wanted  Looking for FJ62 grille and headlight bezels

    Looking for FJ62 grille and headlight bezels. Please let me know if you have and if you are willing to accept paypal and ship! Thank you.
  16. J

    LC200 grilles - same on 2010 as 2012?

    Hi all, First post (of hopefully many) here. I'm Jim from the UK, and I've just bought myself an LC200 4.5 D-4D. I've been grabbing a few JDM parts on eBay to spruce up the appearance a bit and last night accidentally purchased a new smoked chrome front grille for a 2012-2015 LC200. As far as...
  17. tampacruiser95

    For Sale  SOLD - 80 series grille - aftermarket

    I bought this grille for my 1995, but it didn't fit despite what seller told me. I am looking to sell it for $50+ shipping.
  18. toyotanorthny

    Grille Comparability

    Hey guys........after searching came up empty. Does a 2003-2005 grille fit a 1998-2002 100? if yes, does it require major or minor mods? any all help is appreciated. Thanks
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