1. M

    For Sale  GX 460 Front Grill

    2010 - 2013 Front grill for Lexus GX-460. 53111-60870 $125 I decided to put an F-sport grill on mine. I do have a box that my other grill came in, so could potentially ship, but prefer pick up in Lakewood, CO. Front Grill for 2011 2012 or 2013 Lexus GX460 Use your Use existing hardware...
  2. Bigbird24

    Wanted  Fremont, CA

    Does anyone have a radiator grill screen for a ‘73? I lost mine during the resto.
  3. TXBruiser

    For Sale  DFW: LX450 custom grill

    Purchased this a few years back from Landcruisergrilles, owned by a member on the forum Kelly Saad. It was a prototype for the LX450. I never got around to installing it, and have since sold off all my cruisers. His site shows nothing in stock and a 2-3mo wait list. I never mounted it, but...
  4. CahabaCruisers

    For Sale  *NEW* Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series Grill 1of2

    $350- New old stock!! In perfect condition! Flat rate shipping included to the US and Canada. PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo accepted.
  5. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  22" Cook Partner from Partner Steel Co.

    Won this is a raffle and do not have use for it. I have the 22" and this is taken from the website linked. "We have incorporated some important features requested by users. This stove has the burners spaced 12" apart to more easily accommodate 10" pans. Additionally, the grill spacing has been...
  6. FloTheFJ60

    Help a noob? :) Hood won't latch - missing hood support bracket?

    Hi, slightly nervous to post but thrilled to finally have an FJ60 after wanting one for 25 years... :) We bought the wagon last weekend and although she runs, I have a few things stopping me from getting it inspected so I can get it on the road. Doubtful I should barrage you with them all now...
  7. heynickhere

    Anyone interested in trading grilles?

    This isn’t a for sale post so I think it is okay here. Also, this is a long shot. Does anyone have a 10-13 with an F sport grille for sale or trade? I am thinking about getting one and mounting some lights behind it for a clean look.
  8. C

    For Sale  2000 LC Headlight/Grille/Newer (new) Toyota Grille Emblem/Fog Lights

    Hi all, did the front end update to 07 style per TLCFAQ & I believe mud user @RobRed ... Which cost appx exactly what he said it would... So trying to recoup a little $$ for Project Barn FJ... 2000 OEM Toyota Grille - $75 + shipping - perfect used condition - a little dirty with some...
  9. C

    Wanted  Front Valance FJ60

    any color ok
  10. erolsten

    For Sale  FJ60 Original OEM Exterior Parts

    Hi all, These are off my 1985 FJ60 - recently replaced with new parts so Im putting these up for sale. All parts are original Toyota OEM and in great condition. Usually wear for an 85 - only flaw is a chip off the corner on one of the rear turn signal lenses. Items up for sale - Black...
  11. MattAg06

    Wanted  07 LX470 Grille

    My grille is beat up. Looking for an option cheaper than the $330 the dealer wants. Thanks!
  12. cruzerDave

    the SharkNet (a product build thread)

    GROUP BUY IS LIVECLOSED: SharkNet Group Buy - 100 series grill Orders will be accepted online shortly... -----ORIGINAL POST-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, so as anyone who's ever had braces will know, this is going to hurt. But in...
  13. zgarre

    For Sale  FJ60 / FJ62 OEM Front Speaker Grilles

    Perfect condition, complete with mesh lining. See pics below. Paid $75 each from Asking $100 + sh for both.
  14. S

    For Sale  LX450 pass headlight, grille, tail and front lights

    I have the stock oem passenger side headlight, both parking lights, turn signal lights, and tail lamps for sale. The 1 headlight is the R side if you are inside the cruiser. 100 for the headlight 50 for the grille 50 for the corner signals as a pair 25 for the parking lights as a pair 25 for...
  15. ampline

    For Sale  1995-97 fzj80 grill

    for sale. 1995-1997 fzj80 grill. $125 plus shipping. Thanks.
  16. TwelveGravity

    SOLD  [CA] 1980 FJ40 Grill Mesh **DELETE**

    Looking for a mesh for my 1980. I think 79 and up will fit but I don't know for sure. With or without Toyota Emblem. In reasonable shape please. Not mint but not beat up. Greatly Appreciate it. I will also in the near future be looking into the driver side spare tire carrier for the same year.
  17. Bryanfzj80

    For Sale  2 1/2 lift front springs and Lexus grill and lights

    I have front iron man springs 2 1/2 inch lift springs sold I also have 96 lexus grill passenger headlight and both corner lights Grill $50 passenger light $60 corner lights $40 for both
  18. B

    For Sale  Grill Guard off a 2003 Landcruiser

    I took this off my 2003 Landcruiser and want to get rid of it. Make me an offer. Must pickup in Austin, TX
  19. D

    Wanted  Fj62 grill

    looking for a A plus grill for my fj62. I have 3 grills that are not up to my standards for my restoration.
  20. Bluegrass40

    3D Model of Toyota Emblem?

    Does anyone have a 3D model of the Toyota grill emblem (or any of the other badges)? I am going to CNC a new one for my grill. I will generate the model myself if needed, but figured someone may have already gone through the trouble. Thx!
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