glow plug controller

  1. C

    2L-T glow plug operation

    i've got a 1990 hilux surf with a 2L-T in it, and i'm trying to diagnose why the glow plugs aren't heating very effectively. when i turn the key i hear the relay click, i get 10 volts to glow plug rail for about 8 seconds, then i hear the relay click off and there's no power at all. is this...
  2. PinkLemon

    HJ47 Glow Problems

    I know there are a lot of threads about glow plug issues, I've read a few of them today and they've been very helpful. Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone has ideas about something I can check before ordering new parts... I have a HJ47 with a 2H that had been sitting idle for the...
  3. fjfjfj


    Hello you guys,,,,,,,,I am sure many of you already know this but I could not find a posting on MUD so here is my information and research results in case you need it.////////////////// 12 VOLT / 1980 BJ40 REPLACEMENT GLOW PLUG CONTROLLER COIL = 1.68 mm steel wire / 3 loops @ 8 mm inner diameter...
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