1. super40

    MUDShip  orlando to N. Ga and back 8/4/17

    I'm going to blue ridge Ga next week wed night 8/3/17 and coming back Saturday 8/6/17. happy to help transport some cruiser stuff.
  2. TheDonofDacula

    ISO Toyota genius near North GA

    i have and 85. I need to get the motor rebuilt and dual cases put in. I can not find a shop to do this in a timely manner. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I want this thing back on the trails!
  3. connorbray

    100-series specialist in the Savannah GA area?

    Im looking for a LC specialist around the Savannah GA area. If you have any information on where to find one I would appreciate it. 99' LC
  4. C

    Wanted  My first Land Cruiser close to NE GA

    Alright I'm finally ready to make the jump to a land cruiser i have had a lot of toyota 4wds but never the best. I'm looking for a 100 reasonably close to the north east ga area preferably within a couple hours drive. My main thing I'm looking for is a something with less than 200k miles and a...
  5. 18Doc

    craigslist  Fj60 in NW Ga

    Not mine and no affiliation. I haven't gone to look at it, but looks to be in decent shape minus the block. If he's negotiable on the price, might be a good fixer upper. I have a complete 2f waiting on a project, but I have two too many right now. 1983 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ60 4x4
  6. BRob2756

    For Sale  06 100 series mats and tow hitch - Atlanta, GA

    Got out of my 06 and into a 2013 LC. Awesome truck I have a full set (front, mid, and rear cargo) of Grey Weathertech mats for a 100 series. Bought in Dec of 2016, used for 4 months. $275 Also have a tow hitch for a 100 series (the full hitch that bolts to frame and encompasses spare). Bought...
  7. upperblack

    FREE  FJ40 tool box - FREE - GA

    I got this tool box with a rig I purchased and I'll never use it. Fits right behind the front seats and is contoured to match the tub Runs the width of the tub Local pick up only please. I'm about 30 min north of Atlanta.
  8. upperblack

    SOLD  Short jump seats FJ40 PRICE DROP - GA

    Good condition with no rust. Looks like they were spray painted at some point $275 plus shipping. Factor about $80 to ship these. Comes with hardware, I forgot to check to see if the hardware is complete before boxing them up. Located about 30 min north of Atlanta. Thanks Mike
  9. upperblack

    SOLD  Downey FJ40 rear bumper - GA

    bolts up to where bumperettes mount. Very heavy, not worth shipping. Located in Roswell, Ga SOLD
  10. M

    For Sale  GA - Spidertrax 1.5" Spacers plus

    I have for sale two Spidertrax 1.5" wheel spacers and two other spacers that look to be maybe 1/4". The Spidertrax spacers are six lug. I tried them on my 80 and mini-truck and they fit fine. They did not fit the front hubs of my 40. Looks like the model number is WHS-108 $85 shipped for all...
  11. Wadesters

    For Sale  (GA) 1975-83 FJ40 Rear Amblulance Doors

    Rear ambulance doors complete with glass and hinges. One will need rust repair at the bottom the other is in good shape. Some dings and dents but will come out fine with a little work. Includes door glass, handle, internal locks & rods, hinges $350 for the pair. Will ship Fastenal is the...
  12. Wadesters

    For Sale  (GA) 1975-83 FJ40 Front Doors

    Complete front doors with glass, regulators, locks, hinges. Some rust at the bottom but don't feel they are bad enough for bottom replacement panels. I think they can be repaired. $300 for both shipping available probably cheapest way is Fastenal at approximately $125.
  13. T

    Any fj80 owner in winder ga

    Is there any fj80 owner in Winder Ga? I would like to see how their rig ride in comparison so I would know if mine is riding right . I would like to know more people who are familiar with this rig.
  14. T

    Any fj80 owner in winder ga

    Ive seen a few fj80 in Winder Ga , I'm wondering if any of the owner are on here . I would like to meet some of them and learn from the ownership of these rigs.
  15. G-Cat

    craigslist  TRD Rock Warriors (Tundra/100/200 Series) ATL GA

    Not my ad: Tundra Rock Warrior wheels 4 for $800
  16. JVZii

    For Sale  [GA] Aftermarket Rims and Trim from FJ40

    I have 4 knockoff wagon wheels I took off my Fj40. I am sure these would fit other models. The tires are 31 x 10.5 x 15 and the TIRES ARE BAD and need to be replaced. I am not sure how wide the rums are but they are as wise as the tread looks like. $80 for the set. Local Pickup only unless you...
  17. JVZii

    For Sale  [GA] 79+ FJ40 Floor Pan Set from LC Heaven

    I have a set of LC Heaven floor pan patch panels for an FJ40 the 79+ variety After I bought them, I realized the entire floor really needed to be replaced so these are not needed. $200 + shipping for the pair. These are on hand and you can have them in a few days.
  18. TeddyBoy

    March 25 - Cleveland Ga. Rock Crawling

    I think I'm gonna check this out assuming truck is in one piece. 2M ROCK Garden
  19. A

    For Sale  2000 Toyota Land Cruiser, Columbus, GA

    2000 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series 221k miles, runs great Leather Sunroof works 2.5 OME medium rear Springs with OME shocks f+r 295/70/18 Nitto Trail Grapplers/18" Tundra wheels MagnaFlow muffler welded Drilled/slotted rotors F+R A-TRAC w/ center diff lock A/C and heat works great. Front and...
  20. B

    Atlanta Ga to Deadhorse Alaska and back

    Hello all, thought I'd start a thread here to share our trip we made this past June/July from our home in Atlanta to Deadhorse and back. We successfully made the trip in 32 days living entirely out of our 80 Series Land Cruiser. Ill attempt to keep the thread in a timeline that reflects our...
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