1. regismiling105

    105 series transmission replacement

    Hey guys , ive recently had to replace my auto box in my fzj105 series i have the old box out, any tips on handling to get the new box in bloody heavy bastards
  2. scruffymofo93

    Builds  Roy's 1998 FZJ105R Build

    Hey guys, I'm new here please be gentle :) I just bought my first LC last week, have wanted one since I was a kid. It's a 1998 FZJ105R GXL, 4.5L automatic. I'm going to slowly build the 105 into a tourer/overlander, thought I'd start a thread to show you the progress and get some advice when I...
  3. J

    Steering feels weird

    ok so i own a 2000 105 series, and the other day my axle seal started leaking, and also my power steering pump is also leaking quite abit, i went for one drive and instantly noticed how unaligned the wheel was, it was never like this before my swivel hub started leaking, i feel like it gets...
  4. Peru Darrell

    Service manual for FZJ105, Australia help??

    Struggling to find a FSM for a FZJ105 4.5L I6 gasoline without distributor. I think I have a timing issue and my mechanic has been unable to solve it. All I can find are manuals for the V8 100 series or the I6 80 series with distributor. Following a head gasket install, I am overheating and...
  5. N

    FZJ105 or UZJ100? - time for a new cruiser

    Hi there, I currently have a HJ61 which is fun, but I'm looking for another cruiser which is a little more family friendly. I have ruled out buying a HDJ100 as the ones that are available in my price range generally have over 350k on them and they are still priced too high in my opinion. I know...
  6. N

    IHD-FTE Injector pump information

    Hey everyone, I have been searching around the forum for the last week or so trying to find some information about the 1HD-FTE, and especially the injector pump. I'm considering a new build, putting a 1HD-FTE into a FZJ105 with an auto transmission. I've seen Joff's thread, which was a great...
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