1. DirtyPepper

    1997 Fuse Question / Insight

    Last time I was at the shop, they pointed out the BIG fuse in the center of the pic and indicated, “Yeah, we don’t know what that is or why it’s there,” So…can someone tell me what this big (BUSS) fuse is? Or what it’s for? Also, does it matter if fuses are inserted upside down? Thanks in...
  2. Pura Vida

    1985 HJ45 fuses and lights

    Hello all! I have recently purchased a 1980 HJ45 from Costa Rica and imported it. I love the diesel inline 6, but I have run into a few problems. For one, the left side brake, turn signal and reverse light are very dim and almost impossible to see during the day. I suspect it is a fuse problem...
  3. E

    Battery Keeps Dying

    Hello, A few months ago I bought an 85 FJ60, but recently I've had some battery problems. It started about two months ago when I think I left an interior light on overnight because in the morning when I tried to start it the battery was dead. When I tried to jump it, the battery sparked and...
  4. Whiphub


    I’ve been troubleshooting a parasitic drain, long story short, I just threw in a new battery showing 12.8v. Took her for a spin, got home and let her run in the driveway while I turned on headlights etc to measure amp draws. I kicked in the ARB twin compressor and let it fill. I then activated...
  5. Brian McDermott

    Bad Ground/exterior lighting issues?

    My 97 FJ80 continues to blow the fuses for the turn signals, running lights, and brake lights. Head lights and flashers work. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I’m assuming it’s a bad Ground and was wondering what/where the most likely culprit could be. Thanks for the help.
  6. Mr DNA

    Another EFI Fuse Blowing Adventure - '94 4Runner

    I never thought I'd be willing to take my truck to a mechanic, but I'm about at that point now. Hopefully someone has a crucial piece of insight that I'm missing. We have a 94 4Runner. 3vze, automatic. Under 200000 miles and in otherwise great condition and until 3 weeks ago reliable and...
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