1. E

    Battery Keeps Dying

    Hello, A few months ago I bought an 85 FJ60, but recently I've had some battery problems. It started about two months ago when I think I left an interior light on overnight because in the morning when I tried to start it the battery was dead. When I tried to jump it, the battery sparked and...
  2. Whiphub


    I’ve been troubleshooting a parasitic drain, long story short, I just threw in a new battery showing 12.8v. Took her for a spin, got home and let her run in the driveway while I turned on headlights etc to measure amp draws. I kicked in the ARB twin compressor and let it fill. I then activated...
  3. Brian McDermott

    Bad Ground/exterior lighting issues?

    My 97 FJ80 continues to blow the fuses for the turn signals, running lights, and brake lights. Head lights and flashers work. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I’m assuming it’s a bad Ground and was wondering what/where the most likely culprit could be. Thanks for the help.
  4. Mr DNA

    Another EFI Fuse Blowing Adventure - '94 4Runner

    I never thought I'd be willing to take my truck to a mechanic, but I'm about at that point now. Hopefully someone has a crucial piece of insight that I'm missing. We have a 94 4Runner. 3vze, automatic. Under 200000 miles and in otherwise great condition and until 3 weeks ago reliable and...
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