front locker

  1. jerzjer

    97 FJ80 CDL or front locker problem?

    I have a 1997 LX450 with stock lockers front and rear. I am having problems getting either the CDL or the front locker unlocked. I do not have the switch on the dash so the CDL locks automatically when I shift to low range. Everything looks like it is working properly according to the indicator...
  2. Mudder92

    Buying a 1994 LC, its out of state so I can't physically look at the dash, to check for lockers.

    I'm buying my third LC next week. I've owned a 1992 and a 1997. Loved the 92 hated the 97. The one that I'm looking into now is a 1994. It's in great shape and fully loaded. The only real problem I guess, is that I don't know if it has lockers on it. I can't really see the dash very well in the...
  3. Arkansas80

    Front Locker wont lock and I need to rebuild my front axle

    Hey guys. I am about to do my knuckle job in the next couple of weeks and need to figure out if I can do it even though my front locker wont engage. Honestly, Im not too worried about the front locker working other than for this purpose. I dont think Ill need it with the mild wheeling I do. I...
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