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  1. MSR3898

    CSI 52 qt Fridge/Freezer $439.95

    Here is the CSI Fridge we released at the NW Overland Rally. We ran a simple group buy on some other forums with covers until we ran out of covers. We are extending the sale outside of a group buy. So FREE SHIPPING on the fridge at $439.95 if you would like to backorder the cover it is another...
  2. DJCloz


    I have a brand new ARB fridge slide. I paid $370 for it after tax and shipping a couple months ago. I took too long to install it and I have decided to go in another direction. I cant return it because I bought it over 30 days ago. its brand new and never even installed. Call or Text...
  3. E

    For Sale ARB Fridge Freezer 63 qt with custom slide, bag and straps

    Just bought a very nice partially built 100 from a fellow mudder that included, among many other things, what is for sale here. Everything works great and is in excellent condition but the fridge doesn't leave enough room for the pooches (plus the Cruiser was a bit out of our price range so I...
  4. bushdoctor

    For Sale Goodies; Slee dual battery tray & Medium load ARB springs -SoCal-

    TRAY - SOLD DRAWER SIDE KIT 2003 and up -- AVAILABLE SPRINGS - AVAILABLE FRIDGE -- AVAILABLE The tray is the first generation. Got a dual compressor, so am using a different tray that fits the battery and compressor. Selling this for $65. Also have ARB medium load springs. Went to the heavies...
  5. bucketman

    ARB fridge/freezer vent question

    I have searched all over Mud and can't find where this has been discussed so I thought I would ask. I am very close to purchasing an ARB 63 QT fridge/freezer. I am planning on mounting it floor level behind the passenger seat with the LH side directly against the fender well, but I am concerned...
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