1. A

    Another Clutch Problem Thread. Chevy 350 to 3 speed.

    Hey all, I really did all the research I possibly could before posting but I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. So i recently rescued a 72 FJ40 from the jungle of Puerto Rico that has already had the Chevy 350 engine swap to it. It has a 3 speed transmission with a diaphragm style...
  2. NYIronPig

    Wanted Clutch Fork 4-speed FJ40

    Looking for a Clutch Fork for a 4-speed setup. Also looking for the 4-speed Flywheel too.
  3. DieselFJ

    Wanted H2/H4 Split Transfer Case Shift Fork

    I am converting a vacuum actuated split transfer case to manual shift and I need a shift fork. Thanks Scott
  4. Indygbd

    For Sale 2f clutch fork

    2 clutch forks. 2f type. $70.00 for both.
  5. meatloaf

    Clutch Fork Pivot Bolt Went in At Angle - 5.3L/NV4500

    My truck has been inoperational for over three years after having multiple issues after the 5.3L/H55 conversion. Among many things, the transmission front shaft retainer kept breaking and finally the clutch broke into pieces. 2 years ago I sold the H55 and bought a newer (2001 or so) NV4500 so...
  6. dougcl

    1980 Clutch Fork Repair

    Hi folks, I have a worn out clutch fork. As you can see there is quite a bit of wear on the fork ends. The socket is worn out. These things are hard to find. I am considering taking it to a machine shop for repair. This solution would be pretty expensive. Has anyone here been down this path...
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