1. blbuck12

    Unstable bowl level after rebuild

    So over the holidays I finally got around to rebuilding my stock aisan carb. Followed pinheads videos and the FSM and all was well with the world. Got everything together and it ran great for about a week. Then a piece of dirt/debri made it's way into the carb and plugged up one of the jets...
  2. T

    Wanted  FJ80 Rear free float hubs

    I am looking for some rear full float hubs off an 80 series. Let me know what you have got. Thanks
  3. UZJ40

    For Sale  40 rear full float axle

    From an early 80's BJ40 Great condition, other than the hard brake line 4.11 gears $500 picked up in Las Vegas, NV, or I can ship via Fastenal
  4. Josey1972

    1992 Semi Float Axle

    I'm not able to get to the answer I'm looking for. If someone could either direct me to a thread with the answers or offer suggestions I would appreciate it. After reviewing videos of the FJ Summit and the trails that were run I'm asking myself these questions: 1. My 1992 with rear drums (semi...
  5. G

    Looking for 79 full float brake parts

    Anyone here know where I can get a rear cylinder rebuild kit for a 79 fj45 full floater axle? I tried the OEM part number 04906-36040 but it is discontinued.
  6. M

    Trailer Converions - Add a Front turnable Axle

    I am in a group and we have an old 32' travel trailer frame with 2 rear axles. We have built a parade float on it and paraded with 16 people with out any issues. Our group is growing and we are going to added 3 new rear axles this year and would like to add a front axle that is steerable by...
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